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  1. 100% R&B, Rap

    yeah.. MOP's cold as ice is good too..
  2. 100% R&B, Rap

    2pac's California Love and Coolio's Gangsters' Paradise are classics... but here are other songs i like.. H to the izzo - Jay-Z Wats Luv? - Fat joe, Ashanti, Ja rule U can't see me - 2pac Thug Luv - 2pac, Bone Thugs This is how we do it - Montell Jordan The Next Episode - Dr Dre, Snoop...
  3. Fifa 2002

    huh? really? where r they sellin? $29 is cheap fer the original game...
  4. There's nothing here, so F*** off.

    ok vitoria... That gave mi a huge shock! wat a scare! aniway good 1.... hehe:eek::eek::eek:
  5. Cm 3 | 4

    is there any site previewing the new CM02/03???
  6. Ciao

    yo AlexDP! u frm singapore? cool man.... nice to meet u...:D:D:D
  7. Championship Manager

    Guys.... I juz wanna ask whether a new Championship Manager is comin out.. Mi fren gave mi a scare by sayin that no more CMs will be made ani more... Pls clarify mi doubt... If a CM2002/03 is comin out, when will it be out??
  8. Attention American Juve Fans

    oh mi god! Izzit that difficult to watch european soccer in the US?... U poor things.... :frown::down::frown::down:
  9. Flashbacks! CL 98 final

    aahhh.... those were the years... 3 consecutive champs league finals under lippi... Hope we can do it again this year...:D:D
  10. Imagine an Adidas and Nike Jersey!

    Whao! who can 4get the Kappa jerseys man!? They were the greatest! Personally they mi favourite jerseys of all time...
  11. The best goals!

    oh ya... i got mixed up.thanks fer correctin mi denco...
  12. September 15 start for season

    The Serie A will start on september the 15.... Hopefully it won't be postponed again.... I juz can't wait till it starts...:cool::cool::cool:
  13. The best goals!

    Yeah the berkamp goal was top draw.... skill and cool finishing. U guys remember the goal ryan giggs scored aganist arsenal in a charity shield?? The one which he dribbled from his own half all the way and scored a spectacular goal! That was mi favourite....:cheesy::cheesy::cheesy: