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    Where can I get tickets for Juve - Real?

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    Depth in midfield..

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    LOL at the hate capellos gettin...

    for not playing del are some of the finest cuts: LMAO this thread is not to blame OR praise capello, or name names of posters etc. its just to marvel at some of the things people have been saying. LOL!!
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    LOL at this pic of zlatan

    man i love this guy
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    Anyone actually been to a juve match before?

    because im gion for juve real for the first time and need advice. wheres the best place to sit? is the curva the best place? what tier? any etiquette there? are any sections of the juve fans racist? you knoooowww general questions help me out! and keep this thread in this...
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    anyone got IULIANO's tackle on RONALDO?

    which was NOT a penalty mwahahahhahaa
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    Tickets for Juve Games

    on the 9th of march at the delle alpi. itll be my first time watching juve live in the stadium. any good places, deals and so on? how much can i expect tickets will go for? should i sit in the curva? yeah thats right - haters get bucked on! *imitates sound of bullets firing* *looks...
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    wow prandelli goes to roma theyll buy gila...?
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    who is better chimenti or dp?

    yes lets compare these two! they both play in the same position so we should obviously compare them! nevermind all other factors, lets just compare dp this season to chimenti this season! :irritate: you dont know what you have until its gone...theres a reason why del piero is one of...
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    FC Parma

    buffon, thuram, (ferrari), appiah, (blasi), (brighi), di vaio, (gilardino). a lot of players in our starting line up, and even more probably for next season, were parma players. why are we called a team with a good youth system? parmas is amazing! whos moggis equivalent at parma? we...
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    we have enough midfielders!

    we already have kapo coming, and plenty of young midfielders on loan - brighi, blasi, gasba etc. but instead the fat cat moggi thinks he would impress sensi and the italian media by buying more midfielders instead of using what weve got! maresca, nedved, tachinardi, camoranesi, appiah...
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    ah, the beautiful 4-3-3

    this formation is just amazing. with deschamps coming, probably, it seems more likely. its just waiting there to be used! --------------------------buffon------------------------- thuram-----------legro--------mexes------------zambrotta...
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    a bug?

    a runtime error has occured do you wish to debug? it happens whenever i click in the message box or click on submit. it doesnt happen on other forums. whats happening?
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    If Lippi goes...

    would tachinardi still be guaranteed a place in the starting eleven? last season he was really good. stopping passes and tackling well. even providing assists and good through balls, eg. against brescia where del piero scored that volley. yet with appiah coming of age [he will, every...
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    Barca confirm Trez bid

    Barca confirm Trez bid Saturday 6 March, 2004 Barcelona President Laporta has confirmed his interest in David Trezeguet, while the Juve star suggests his future will be clear in a month. “Trezeguet is our prime target for next season,” revealed the Barca patron at the FIFA Centenary gala...
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    damn...stankovic has signed for inter

    for 3m. emre and stankovic in central midfield for inter...thats amazing! Stankovic signs for Inter Saturday 31 January, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Dejan Stankovic saga is finally over after he completed his proposed...
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    support our team you idiots.

    some of you are so unbelievably pessimistic. in the juve - siena match thread someone said we would lose 2-1. COME ON YOU FOOL WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. SIENA JUST GOT PROMOTED. all some "fans" do is complain about the team. THERES NOT ENOUGH STARS?! who cares. zambrotta isnt considered a...
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    which shirt should i get?! the pink or the black-and-white?

    i dunno i REALLY cant decide and its unlike me to ask on something like this. theyre both really good. and both only £30! which ones have you guys got? im leaning more towards the pink but to be honest im worried what everyone will think - my mates could take the piss for years! :)
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    has anyone got the legendary del piero goal vs fiorentina?

    is it from his best season of 97-98 because everyone talks about it but i havent seen it yet! it would be greatly appreciated!
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    montero on the ball in left back position. he points forward. he plays it back to buffon who immediately knocks it forward to legro. legro plays it right to montero. he points forward. he plays it square to legro. legro passes it forward ten yards to tachinardi. tachinardi dribbles two...