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  1. Alex 2002

    My video from ITA vs GHA game 12.06.06

    Ciao, Juventini! Yesterday was one of the happiest days in my life! I was in the Italy Ghana game and I want to share the video I took in Hannover. The files have two different formats (mpg and avi) because I had to take two digital cams (Sony and Cannon). I hope you enjoy them as much as...
  2. Alex 2002

    REQ: High-Resolution Juve Pics

    Hi, guyz! Could you please help me with high-resolution puctures of Juventus: - Gold celebration -Del Piero and Other Players I would like to print it for posters. I have just moved to new student dormitory and I need to fill the walls. Actually it is to hide dirty spots on them :) If...
  3. Alex 2002

    Fifa's Unfair Ruling Towards Uzbekistan

    Dear forum participants please have a look into To: FIFA Dear Sir/Madam, We find your ruling on the Uzbekistan-Bahrain match to be unjust and contradicting Fair Play rules. The Japanese referee stole Uzbekistan’s second goal and...
  4. Alex 2002

    Ilyas Zeytullaev (Uzbekistan)

    BTW how does this Uzbek guy play? As far as I heard he was not bad midfielder and had good points from the coach.
  5. Alex 2002

    Is there anyone from Bonn (Germany)?

    Let's have some beer!
  6. Alex 2002

    Please, Alex & Juve Goal Video

    I have been looking for a long time video tapes and CDs with Alex and Juve goals in Germany (Bonn) for almost a year. Nothing. Here is not so many Juve fans unfortunately. Could anyone help me to find them? Maybe there are ftps to download such video? I am not doing it for commercial...