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  1. [CL] Djurgarden - Juventus

    ****ING GREAT GAAAME, haha all those dif fans went crazy at the minority of juve fans =D damn one of the greatest things ive ever done , at last i saw the great ones :'( *so happy*
  2. Milan- Juventus

    we are still serie a leaders... oh thanks god forza Juventus and last night udinese :D.
  3. Milan- Juventus

    damn i hate zalayeta... give salas a fricking chanse ffs. i dont like salas either but at least more than zala
  4. Uefa CL draw

    we will beat barcelona home and away i think. the total win will be 3-1 to us :). then we will head real madrid... and it will be hard :down: hopefully this is the way it will be. at least i want it 2 be like this. then we will get 4 damn good games to watch :D. FORZA JUVENTUS
  5. Milan- Juventus

    nooo :(. not zalayeta :(. damn trez and his injurys :down:
  6. Milan- Juventus

    someone merge this thread with the other? we are talknig 1 game in 2 threads :(
  7. Milan- Juventus

    ive heard he is ok... it wasnt 2 serious and i is in the squad for the big game =/. not sure what to believe though. this will be a hard game but with some DP power we will beat milan cuz they havnt been doing well the past weeks... :) forza juventus
  8. Juventus Vs Modena

    Forza juventus :D and DP is back in action for the basel game... its good but still kinda sad. Di Vaio have done a good job when Dp was gone... who will now play with dp :( got plenty 2 choose from.
  9. FC Basel - Juventus

    yes... we will take the 3 points from their field. 0-3 i think... sad i will miss this game... i wanted to see it :(
  10. Juventus FC v Internazionale Milan

    HOW LOVELY... both team started the game ok... after the 1-0 goal i felt like WOHOOOOOO :D. but then for about 10 minutes inter dominated or what to call it... at least the put a pressure on juventus but we could hold our lead and even improve it... THANKS TO NEDVED WE ARE SERIE A...
  11. For the gamers in here =)

    it is allready included :p ;)
  12. Juventus FC v Internazionale Milan

    cant wait 2 see this game... hope it will be top quality time from Juventus... i want to see them beat up fricking ugly vieri and his inter.
  13. For the gamers in here =)

    i am a true Championship Manager fan and perhaps there are some of them in here also. So me and my 3 friends decided to make a site+forum for all the Cm fans out there. in right time b4 the latest version (CM4) releases. This place is where u can hangout, talk tactics, players, teams...
  14. Juve - Man Utd preview

    they got their up n downs... i havnt got the time to watch many games from la liga this season. 4th place, their +- statistic isnt 2 well though... +8 they have. comparing to real madrid that have +25, real sociedad that have +13 or valencia that have +23. but still they do well... 10...
  15. Juve - Man Utd preview

    yes... big ones. :(
  16. Juve - Man Utd preview

    Deportivo is kinda doing good atm... maby the 1-0 win against basel wasnt the best results but they are getting back in form. 6-0 against alaves or wtf it was... the goals were magnific. i saw the highlights n stuffs so im kinda worried about this game. but 1 thing... if we beat up inter we...
  17. Juventus FC v Internazionale Milan

    i dont think we will make it... vieri is on the run and will give inter the 3 points. and after the 0-3 loss at Delle alpi i dont think the players are on a great mood or what u call it. i think we will get 1 goal on penalty. 1-2 to inter :'(
  18. Juve - Man Utd preview

    well... after this game something makes me think that we wont beat inter and will especially not make it when vieri is on the run. seriously... this game was crap. and we need to beat up deportivo next game if we want any chanse to go trough to the quarters. by the way... if u check the...
  19. Juve - Man Utd preview

    haha nice one... what dont u do for juventus ;) :devil:
  20. smilies and what the ****!

    instead of gay there is a smiley on the laziomania board where a smiley pukes... rofl ;)