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    Ronaldo's thoughts: adriano and milan-juve

    Ron makes Adriano call Tuesday 14 December, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ronaldo has revealed that he would love Inter sensation Adriano to join him at Real Madrid. "I would certainly like to bring Adriano to Real because he is...

    The Next BFITW..

    Who is the next best forward in the world. -Adriano -Gilardino -Reyes -Zlatan -Rooney -Tevez Or anyone not from this list. I would go for Adriano. He is a CF all on his own becuase quite simply there aint many like him. He can do it all. Dribble like Ronaldo, hold on the ball while...

    If you had 10million..

    and you had to spend/get rid of it in week what would you do?(this sounds real dunnit:D) -a)Youre sitting there eyes fixed like a mother****in owl on the paper anyone comes near the loot youll kill them, yeah even your moms. Time will pass.Youre too scared of someone jacking the chedder you...

    Old vs Young

    Check it out nice article on the bbc site. DP is in the old guard team:cool:

    Euro 2004 pics

    please post pictures of the fans, players etc. Is there any good sites for euro 2004 photos. Can someone post fan pics of the Portugal Greece match my cousins friend was in the crowd with shades on trying look like Rui Costa:D


    Truly 1 of a kind. They make mind blowing music. I dont have to go on because their music does the talking. Everyone should check them out. Outland With their debut album Outland’s Official, the Danish Rap group Outlandish is taking their stand. The group came into existence in 1997 with...

    Warm Up Match: Portugal vs Italia

    Its on Wednesday 31 March E.K.O. Live on British Eurosport around 21:30. Im looking forward to see the silky skills of players from both sides. Could someone post the lineups.I dont know whos selected but I would play Pirlo for sure and as Piero is out I would have Vieri/Pippo with Cassano &...

    Del Piero vs Brasilians

    Right My bros mate came round last night(halfbrazilian and the other half pakistani) he still cannot accept that Del Piero was the greatest. 6 of us in total(my bro, brasil boy, Adeel Piero=Me, and 3 of our mates.) Nothing kinky happened! It was all friendly talk about the golden days BB(Brasil...

    Football Boots!

    Im proper excited. Im getting these sexy girls very soon. Ive always worn adidas boots so this will be my first Nikes. They are light around 255g. Ive seen Zambrotta with white Nikes do you think these are the ones? They're called Talaria Ice:cool:

    The first time....

    Ummmm you thought I was going to say the S word. You dirty people. Its much more innocent:D The first time you felt a burning sensation inside you for a girl. Before a kiss or even before a word is spoken I get this feeling till this day. Its rare because you and the girl intertwine as your...

    Trouble with my pic!

    Yo, Im having problems getting my pic up on the R.Y.S thread. Can someone help me please. Ill send you my superstar photo. Its 6712875 bytes. Thanks AD.