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  1. Dockny

    CL: Juventus - Real Madrid

    Hi martin it's nice too see that the president is behind you!!!! And the real team is a good one, but when Zidane likes too play,... he is real!! haha
  2. Dockny

    CL: Juventus - Real Madrid

    This is the first time I realy hope Zidane will be stoped!!! It will be very fun to see him play against his old team and he still got alot of friends in juve like montero and Davids!!
  3. Dockny

    Best player

    you are a great penalty taker if you 20 years old take a penalty in a WC quarter final against Italy, and Trez did!
  4. Dockny

    The big problem?

    Just to let you know! Without the selling of zidane we would have a loss of 46 million dollars, but now we got a revenue of 16 million dollars!
  5. Dockny

    Most respected former Juventino?

    Inzaghi got a couple of fans... :confused:
  6. Dockny

    Roy Keane being sued

    I think he should get at least a one-year ban from the FA! And United should kick him out, he represent a Club that should not be connected with that kind of behavior!
  7. Dockny

    Greatest International teams

    I see, I have seen a lot of old matches but it’s hard for me to value those teams, the first world cup I followed was Italy 1990…
  8. Dockny

    Greatest International teams

    How can you discuss teams you have never seen played?:confused:
  9. Dockny

    Ronaldo calls Zidane

    Ronaldo calls Zidane Saturday 3 August, 2002 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ronaldo has increased speculation of his desire to play for Real Madrid with a message on his official website. The World Cup winner thanked Zinedine Zidane...
  10. Dockny

    Why we're glad we aren't American.....

    What can you say?... hahhahah
  11. Dockny

    Uefa nominations

    I agree???
  12. Dockny

    The Amsterdam Tournament

    :LOL: you freak.... So the goal he made was just a reguler goal done every match??? It was a great goal!!! He had his back against the goal and BANG!!!:LOL:
  13. Dockny

    The Amsterdam Tournament

    It was a great GOAL... WOW:rolleyes:
  14. Dockny

    let us know your hotmail ID....

  15. Dockny


    Welcome!! Forza DP+ Juve!:thumb:
  16. Dockny

    Most respected former Juventino?

  17. Dockny

    The Amsterdam Tournament

    Zlatan come to Juve!!! He is great and will become the best!!
  18. Dockny

    What the papers say

    Ljungberg will never succed in our league, I don't think he will make it in another PL team, Arsenal plays the kind of fotball that makes freddie good... For example he is one of the worst in our national team!!
  19. Dockny

    films we secreltly loved but cant admit to as it will make us uncool

    every jean claude van d.... movie!!:thumb:
  20. Dockny

    If you played for Juve.... :D

    I´m going under the name "the new zidane" and I don´t know if Juve want a new Zidane... I would try to convince Lippi that I will never leave :heart: the club and play for free.;)