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  1. Is Trez a brother?

    I was trying to come up with an all brother team for Juve when I came across Trezeguet, I just couldn't tell what he was. I've been wondering this for a while. I know he's argentinian and french but he looks mixed. Also Juve has the most brothers in Serie A(kinda like Arsenal in the...
  2. Moggi's surprise

    Laugh all you want...and criticize all you want as well. Moggi's big surprise will be Totti.
  3. Who's online?

    Do you ever check who's online? I just checked it out, and surprisingly, most people are viewing the "Players and Girlfriends" thread. :D Oh well, just thought i'd share that thought with everyone. Good day.
  4. Is Capello an upgrade?

    I've noticed how a lot of people here at the forum seem to be excited about Capello joining Juve. I've even noticed some people saying he's our best transfer in the last 10 years!! So, in your opinion, do you think he's an upgrade from Lippi or an upgrade from the other two candidates...
  5. Juve after Dacourt now!!!!

    Ora la Juve punta Dacourt! 01/06/2004. Capello continua a chiedere per la Juventus suoi ex giocatori alla Roma. Dopo aver preso Zebina e aver chiesto Emerson, che però pare destinato al Real Madrid, ora è la volta di Dacourt. Il francese era già finito nel mirino dei bianconeri due...
  6. Emerson To Real For 17 Mil

    Emerson al Real per 17 mln 31/05/2004. Dopo Samuel, anche Emerson fa il viaggio da Roma e Madrid. Il brasiliano è stato ceduto al Real Madrid quest'oggi per la cifra di 17 milioni di euro. La notizia è stata confermata a Radio Incontro dall'agente di mercato Ernesto Bronzetti. Per...
  7. At the stadium, at home, or at a bar?

    I live in Washington DC and I've been going to a sports bar called Summers to watch all the Juve games. I could watch the games at home, but its not the same. The atmosphere and the crowd at the bar really makes it special. All weekend long, you can go there starting at 7 am and start with...
  8. 2003-04 Mvp

    What a difference a year makes!!! At this time last year there was no argument who the MVP was. I know there are still a couple of games left in the season, but wanted to see who you thought was this year's MVP (if there was one!).
  9. Top 10

    1. (2*) Juventus Italy 317.14 Maintain perfect record in Champions League. 2. (1) AC Milan Italy 314.80 Lose 1-0 at home to Bruges in Europe 3. (4) Deportivo La Coruna Spain 297.04 Defeat Valencia to move into the top spot in La Liga. 4. (5) Boca Juniors Argentina 281.69...
  10. Coach

    Hey mods, I noticed we have a matches, team, and player section but no coach section. Can we create one?
  11. Formation for 2003/04

    Lippi has this formation in mind: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------BUFFON---------------------------------- THURAM_____LEGGROTAGLIE______MONTERO_____ZAMBROTTA...
  12. Who is the strongest player?

    In terms of lifting weights, who do you think is the strongest player in the squad? Upper Body: Maybe Tudor or Zalayeta? Legs: Davids?
  13. Why did we buy Baiocoo

    This guy is a real stinker!! Who the hell is he? I mean with all the decent midfielders out there we buy this no-passing, no-dribbling, no-creativity, no-pace, no-defending, sorry excuse for a soccer player. why is he even on the team?:fero: O.k. seriously, I know we needed to stregthen...