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  1. juventus4life

    Sami Khedira

    If he actually said that then he was lying. Just leave all the journalists aside, the fact that the club 1) shipped as many deadwood as possible out of the club either via sales or loans as a response to Covid-19 and 2) freezes him out of the team (only training) even he's available tells us...
  2. juventus4life

    Sami Khedira

    Did he actually say this or did make that up? "There was no offer to terminate the contract. There was no talk of financial issues.”
  3. juventus4life

    Serie A 2020-21

    Historical 10th consecutive win is required given the league is weak but not sure Juve could do that with a superior squad.
  4. juventus4life

    Andrea Pirlo

    Looking back at Parma and Fiorentina time, natural position of both Kulu and Chiesa is right winger. The hope to play Kulu in the middle is actually an excuse to buy Chiesa but that idea doesn't happen. So Chiesa is asked to play on the left. He made some assists but his contribution should have...
  5. juventus4life

    La Liga 2020-21

    Golden chance for smaller clubs to win the championship this year when the duo are rebuilding.
  6. juventus4life

    Andrea Pirlo

    Busy schedule is tough for even experienced coaches, let alone a novice one.
  7. juventus4life

    South American Football 2020-21

    R.I.P. And thanks for giving me a wonderful World Cup 1986. My first and the best World Cup IMO.
  8. juventus4life

    Champions League 2020-21

    too late. Atalanta has the option to buy him at the end of the loan. Unless he played badly.
  9. juventus4life

    Champions League 2020-21

    For people in the States, CBS All Access is offering one month free with the code 'TURKEY' (entered on the website not app). This is for new or existing customers. Once a month is up, they could give you another free month if you cancel. You can watch movies and CL live games. Not sure if people...
  10. juventus4life

    Champions League 2020-21

    Conte, Marotta, Vidal master plan is working.
  11. juventus4life

    Weston McKennie

    Agree. Against small teams, he's up there in most attacks waiting for a chance.
  12. juventus4life

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

    Imagine if Morata, Kulu, Chiesa and Rabiot started.
  13. juventus4life

    Aaron Ramsey

    He's back training.
  14. juventus4life


    Tici simply tried to Plusvalenza Cancelo. Danilo was mediocre for the entire time except now.
  15. juventus4life


    I actually like his long range shots. No goals yet but they're close. And he only shoots a few times this season when it's necessary.
  16. juventus4life

    Federico Bernardeschi

    Instead of going for a hattrick, Ronaldo was kind to let him shoot but the opportunity was wasted.
  17. juventus4life

    Winter Mercato Thread 2021

    For Romero, it's a loan with option to buy.
  18. juventus4life

    Paulo Dybala

    Yet his salary is a few million of euros. Such a waste of money.
  19. juventus4life

    Paulo Dybala

    Totally agree.
  20. juventus4life

    Paulo Dybala

    29 y.o and no big clubs want so end up at Udinese after leaving Watford.