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  1. tosh_rose

    [Serie A] Juventus 2-0 Cagliari [November 21st, 2020]

    It's Mancini's fault tbh, he shouldn't have called him and let him play for Italy and score goals and all that...
  2. tosh_rose

    [Serie A] Juventus 2-0 Cagliari [November 21st, 2020]

    I like what Agresti is reporting, Demiral DeLigt Danilo with Cuads and Frabotta on the wings and Kulusevski between Rabiot Arthur and Morata Ronaldo...
  3. tosh_rose

    David Alaba - D LC - Bayern Munich

    Agree with last few posts, both Alaba and Ramos are highly decorated, highly respected and considered and labelled top class/world class players for the majority of their careers. If Giorgio retires I would not mind, at all, to replace him with Ramos... Alaba might want a huge salary, yet...
  4. tosh_rose

    [CL] Juventus 0-2 Barcelona [October 28th, 2020]

    Sadly, that last option isnt an option in this case. All of our players from U23 to the five year olds or whatever the lowest age team we have is isolated and dont play or train, our U23 team has the coach plus 8-9 players with positive tests for more than a week now, so the first team roster is...
  5. tosh_rose

    [Serie A] Juventus 1-1 Verona [October 25th, 2020]

    Dragusin is isolated, he gave a positive test few days after Ronaldo and the yankee..
  6. tosh_rose

    [CL] Dynamo Kiev 0-2 Juventus [October 20th, 2020]

    Voted for Chiesa when its easily Morata the man of the match, I really really enjoyed what I saw from Fede tonight, he was a major coup at the transfer window`s deadline, shame that we couldnt get or afford both him and Aouar but either way we signed a player with great potential, he looks like...
  7. tosh_rose

    Paulo Dybala

    should have tried that shot, its obvious he isnt ready, terrible controversy around him, give him some minutes vs Hellas this weekend and next week should be fit to play from the start, either way do not risk him, patience, when he`s ready he`ll tear teams apart... Glad to see him back though...
  8. tosh_rose

    [Serie A] Crotone 1-1 Juventus [October 17th, 2020]

    Me thinks he needs two negatives in a row in space of two days, but so many different reports in various media these days, not sure if any of them has a clue... It doesn't make sense if you are cleared from the virus and have those two consecutive negative results to just stay at home and wait...
  9. tosh_rose

    Rate our summer mercato

    Topic is to rate our summer mercato, so of course you are right. He's a newcomer though, just like the rest who came this summer, so I guess it's up to the individual how he sees it, he joined the team this summer, can't remember if we had a rate our winter mercato poll, but if we had one, Dejan...
  10. tosh_rose

    Federico Chiesa

    Great move, something we should do each window - sign the most exciting youngsters from the league and give them space to settle and improve to the top level. Sure, some might fail but others will deliver, it's a top 4 league in the world, there is plenty of talant, both Dejan and Federico are...
  11. tosh_rose

    [Serie A] Juventus 3-0 Napoli [October 4th, 2020]

    Voted for Cuads, he was excellent at the left wing back, keep it up, Juan!
  12. tosh_rose

    Juan Cuadrado

    I think that is the original plan, Danilo plays on the right because Sandro is out, with Alex there the left wingback would be an attacking player and Bernardeschi is one of the options, Cuadrado as a RWB and both ASandro and Cuadrado the FBs when team needs to defend with 4 at the back...
  13. tosh_rose

    [Serie A] Juventus 3-0 Napoli [October 4th, 2020]

    Why would we want to make a drama out of nothing and decide to go against the rules, knowing that we would get disqualified and given an automatic loss, along with a global embarrassment and mockery? Rules are simple and for everyone, PSG, Liverpool and Milan are following them, those pathetic...
  14. tosh_rose

    Daniele Rugani

    REPORT: WEST HAM LINKED WITH TOP-CLASS ENFORCER, CURRENT HAMMER SIGNED FROM SAME SIDE IN 2015 West Ham United are in pole position to sign Juventus defender Daniele Rugani, who is surplus to requirements in Turin and could be offloaded before Monday’s transfer deadline, according to Corriere...
  15. tosh_rose

    Alvaro Morata

    And what did Dzeko say to the ref when he elbowed Chiellini in the face and got away with it, or after his handball when the ref called for a Roma corner ? Loser mentality is a loser mentality
  16. tosh_rose

    [Serie A] Roma 2-2 Juventus [September 27th, 2020]

    Still early days, but I feel Milan would fight with Napoli and Lazio for third place and two of that trio would join Juve and merda into the top 4 and CL places come season end. I like Atalanta but so far they are still one season wonder, expectations are now higher for them, lets see how they...
  17. tosh_rose

    [Serie A] Roma 2-2 Juventus [September 27th, 2020]

    Makes sense to start the same 11 as the last game, people are right about Aaron, unless hes not fit he is starting the game. Also I was away for these past few days but has Morata even trained with the squad? He signed and trained individually, precaution I guess, I wouldnt start him just yet, I...
  18. tosh_rose

    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    both Weston and Morata deals showed that most of the times even insiders dont have a clue as to who the club likes, wants and negotiates with, so while I enjoy reading rumours and tweets and all that I know that most of it is pure BS and dont take it seriously... I guess Gossens and even...
  19. tosh_rose

    Maurizio Sarri

    How beautiful it is to no longer have a retarded chimpanzee that no-one in the world wants or likes.... Shhht, its good to enjoy it, there is no longer a subhuman with the lowest IQ possible in my team.... Yeah, beautiful, truly beautiful....
  20. tosh_rose

    Luca Pellegrini

    actually it makes sense if the club decides to invest in a fullback, preferably someone who can play on both sides OR is more of a wingback so that ASandro (when fit) to play in that role of a left CB that is reported Pirlo likes and wants. The first player that comes to mind is of course...