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  1. Nenz

    Tour de France 2012

    I'm loving the start to this tour. Will be putting in a lot of late nights for the next three weeks.
  2. Nenz

    Zeitgeist - Moving Forward

    Has anyone watched this? Just watched this documentary I would say it's very much worth your time. Its philosophy on economics I thought was especially interesting. Zeitgeist Moving Forward A feature length documentary work which will present a case for a needed transition out of the...
  3. Nenz

    USA vs. Canada Hockey final torrent

    Heard it was an awesome game and I missed it cause I was at uni. Any torrents around?
  4. Nenz

    Movember The hour is upon us. They're all on board. Join them next month.
  5. Nenz

    The Official Aussie Rules Football Thread

    I don't know how this will go but I want to give it a shot. Talk or learn about the 150 year old game on here. Its one of the fastest and toughest sports on the planet. About half way through one of the most competitive seasons I've ever seen played. My beloved Collingwood just won...
  6. Nenz

    It may not be much...

    TRUE! .. 1000 posts. I know its hardly any in many of your eyes but I thought a few thankyou's and mentions would be nice. Alan, Rab, Boz, Jack, Greg, Salman and co. - there couldn't be a better group of guys running these forums. You guys are doing a good job and I can't say I dislike...
  7. Nenz

    The Official Dreams Thread

    I've had some crazy dreams. The ones you can remember can leave you thinking for days, whether you're trying to figure out "what it all means" or you're just completely mind fucked that you were capable of thinking up something so odd. Either way they are good too laugh at or are food for...
  8. Nenz

    WWIII (for you Andy)

    Feel free to post your stupid theory here so I can shoot it down AGAIN! Or.. you can finally concede defeat on this issue and apologise. Don't get me wrong, I love watching you bang your head against the wall. You seem to get stupider with every post :D So lets go..
  9. Nenz

    Using the "N" word

    crappy American T.V shows inspire my threads I'm watching Dr. Phil. The use of the "N" is in debate and its getting heated up in here! Paul Mooney is cracking it at some white woman who said it was ok. So.. when is it ok to say it? Should it ever be said it at all by anyone??
  10. Nenz

    Quitting smoking

    I'm watching Oprah and this Dr. Oz guy is talking about quitting smoking. I don't smoke, i've never been addicted to cigarettes. Is it really that hard? I mean these people are crying about how hard it is. My brothers both smoke a pack a day, and i always wanted to help/make them quit. There...
  11. Nenz

    Performance Enhancers

    Feel free to talk about anything to do with them. Including who you think is taking what in whatever sport (what the hell is Michael Phelps on!??) While your at it tell me what sprinters take :eyebrows: it
  12. Nenz

    Australian Soccer

    Talk about Australian National squad, A League or players playing all around the world! A League Its only a few years old but already its showing good signs that it will be a successful league with high attendance rates for most teams...