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  1. flieeeekke

    Moggi attacks Rossi

    Category: <b>General</b><br><br>Luciano Moggi has hit out at former Federal Commissioner Guido Rossi, accusing him of acting on Inter’s behalf during the Calciopoli investigation. Juventus’ former director general was handed a five-year ban in the aftermath of the summer match-fixing scandal...
  2. flieeeekke

    UCL fantasy football as usual, i created a juventuz league, a code to join is 70802-11606 let the competition begin.
  3. flieeeekke

    It's official

    Abu is not a duplicate account who would've thought.. :pumpkin:
  4. flieeeekke

    Facchetti dies

    Addio Facchetti Bandiera nerazzurra Si è spento a Milano per una grave malattia un simbolo dell'Inter: dalle 634 gare con 79 gol al ruolo di presidente. Leader della Grande Inter di Herrera, capitano per eccellenza dell'Italia Giacinto Facchetti con la coppa Campioni '65. Olympia Giacinto...
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    Sziget festival in Budapest anyone going?
  6. flieeeekke

    Fli chews kryptonite

    oooh, thats capitals.. thats it mister, you are in the book :D
  7. flieeeekke

    Radiohead tour 2006

    bah, i know most of yous dont care but i couldnt hold myself. so, radiohead began their started their tour after 2 years without any concerts, on the 1st may they played in the big ask gig organised by the friends of earth at london club koko, acoustic set of 13 songs, with 3 previously...
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    Reputation system

    what you think please discuss
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    [Serie A] Treviso - Juventus

    so... anyone gives a f.? :D
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    Seven says hi, or rather good-bye

    Here's what he wanted to say to yu lot:
  11. flieeeekke

    recent spree of bans

    dont you think you're overdoing this a little? i really couldnt care less about pushing new members from joining and staying in this community but banning valuable members, specificly erkka, isnt really neccesary. just because they disagree with you. after all he has done, in recent moths he...
  12. flieeeekke

    why was raziel666 banned?

    usually i wouldnt give a fuck but the guy was lithuanian, didnt do nothing wrong and bang! he's gone. what the fuck is going in here? has every mod became like our little hitler wannabe zlatan?
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    oh come on burke, nhl playoffs? piss off...
  14. flieeeekke

    Fli hits 10k

    now someone write a dedication isntead of me. might do one myself in couple of months :D
  15. flieeeekke Awards: Best Opposition Fans At Anfield

    Just thought some of you might be interested... Over 65,000 supporters completed the official End of Season questionnaire and now all the votes have been counted, we can present the Liverpool 2004/05 Awards. LFC.TV Awards: Best Visiting Supporters At Anfield: Top 10 1. Juventus...
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    London blasts cause chaos on Tube

    A number of Tube stations have been evacuated and lines closed after minor blasts in what Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair says is a "serious incident". Sir Ian said only three Tube lines were still suspended and it was time London started to return to normal. The minor explosions - just two...
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    Scholes's shock retirement by Adam Marshall Paul Scholes has sensationally retired from international football after representing England in Euro 2004. The Manchester United midfielder has been an automatic choice for his country and ended his goal...
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    Knee surgery for Totti?

    Knee surgery for Totti? Tuesday 3 August, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Francesco Totti has suffered a knee ligament injury that could require surgery and immediately flew back to Rome. The Giallorossi captain underwent tests...
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    today in a bus i left my cd case with 30 of my fav cds worth around 300 euros. **** i'm so pissed now. and i dont have beer in my place to get drunk now. ****. :down:
  20. flieeeekke

    hurra juventus

    official (?) juve mag anyone subscribed to it? where and how can i do that? calcio italia sucks anyways.