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  1. Brazilians the key

    After a long concideration i think that this is the best formation for Juve next season. Buffon Def: Thuram-Mexes-Zebina-Zambo Mid: Nedved-Maresca-Diego-Emerson Att: Del Piero-Trezeguet This formation would have it all. -Not too old -Good defence (not the best but still very good)...
  2. Brazilians the key

    I changed the post
  3. Brazilians the key

    Could this be the formation next season Buffon Def: Thuram-Mexes-Zebina Mid: Nedved-Maresca-Diego-Emerson-Zambo Att: Del Piero-Trezeguet Only 4 new players. And a team that coulf easilly win the CL and only 3 players over 30.
  4. Brazilians the key

    a member of soccer age forum from brazil has sad that there's a lot of talk about Diego in Juventus in the last week.
  5. Brazilians the key

    I've been told (from a relaibal source) that Diego will come to Juventus for 4,4 mile euro. :D
  6. Moggi: "Barca must double Trez bid"

    haha Tribal football said this five days ago. I thnik that if Barcelona wont change the offer to at least 15 mil euro he will be with us next season. :) :)
  7. IT'S OFFICIAL: Inter sign VERON

    No! We are getting Vieri for sure moe.
  8. Official: Glenn aka Zizou thinks that Vieri will be a Juventino again

    :( :( The worst news of the year Di Vaio is beter then Vieri. Vieri was good a year ago, but now he's just a sub for Adriano.
  9. the fantastic juve

    My perfect formation Buffon Thuram Mexes Zambrota Camoranesi Maresca Emerson Del piero Nedved Trezeguet We would buy only Mexes and Emerson. And our team would be qouite young. Only Thuram, Del Piero and Nedved old.
  10. Trezeguet will 90% stay at juventus

    But if you look at my formation. There's just mexes new. And we have good defence and attack and we could buy an extra player if we would sell montero and iuliano in the midlefield or defence (rothen, ferari?)
  11. Emerson To Real For 17 Mil

    I read on tribal football that cappelo talked with trezeguet to stay at Juventus. This is great news
  12. Trezeguet will 90% stay at juventus

    I think that if Trezeguet will be sold it will be for max 20 mil euro and if we would buy Vieri 13mil euro or 7mil euro andi Di vaio. I think that it isn't worth losing a good player and 7mil euro for a player who will be good for at most 2 years.
  13. Trezeguet will 90% stay at juventus

    I think that Trezeguet is as good as Vieri but also much younger.
  14. Trezeguet will 90% stay at juventus

    I read on tribal football that capello tried to change Trezeguet's mind about leaving. I think that trezeguet will stay with us next season.:cool::angel: Could this be the formation next season Buffon Def: Thuram-Mexes-Zebina Mid: Nedved-Maresca-Zambrotta-Emerson-Camoranesi Att: Del...
  15. Alert: Capello wants to destroy Juve!!!

    I live just a few block from the Croatian training camp. I always look at their trainings. And I can say Tudor is very good and hardworking he alwas gives his best in traning so i think we shouldn't sell him.