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    Your favourite (F*R*I*E*N*D*S) star ..

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    Prediction Game Back (Jan 15, 2005).

    After the two week winter break, the Prediction Game returns with the resumption of matches across Europe in Italy, Spain, and England (there was no break there anyway). Good luck with your predictions, and keep 'em coming.
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    How Can You Forget Someone?

    The topic has come up a few times lately in my conversation with friends. We were talking about how can we best forget someone. How can we let someone go. And my solution at that moment seemed so simple. I told them that when you break up with anyone, you tend to only remember the good part...
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    2004 Juventus Player of the Year.

    Which Juventus player do you think deserves to win the award of best player for this year. New signings had little time to show off their talents but will still be considered as contenders as they have contributed alot in this season's success. Plus, it would be more interesting with more...
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    Will our lack of depth haunt us in the future?

    Well, we shouldn't be worried much as everything is going well and things are rosy in Turin and around the Delle Alpi. The beautiful 'Old Lady' has shrugged all pre-season talk and pushed aside the younger sisters and 'favourites for the title' Inter and Milan to sit comfortably at the top of...
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    A Bianconeri look at the Dery della Madonnina

    The Derby della Madonnina is just around the corner (this weekend) and it promises to be one of the most exciting of derbies as both teams are firing on all cylinders. Milan came on top in their prestigeous European tie against Barcelona (1-0), whereas a 5-star Inter massacred Valencia (5-1) in...
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    Rear fear for Italy

    Italian sides have always prided themselves on their defensive prowess. 'Primo non prenderle' - 'First, don't let them get at you' - has long been the maxim that lay at the root of a successful Italy team. "In Italy you can see kids growing up and wanting to become defenders which isn't that...
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    Euro2004 Stars: FLASH or TRASH ??

    Based on recent friendlies and your instinct, which players do you think are going to shine in Euro2004 and which players you feel will flop terribly after so much promise and media attention? Here is my list of 11 players: FLASH :thumb: 1. Thierry Henry (France) 2. Fransesco...
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    The Classico: Brazil vs. Argentina (Wed June02)

    Well, the match of all matches !! It's certainly going to be exciting watching Ronaldo, Kaka, and Ronaldinho mixing it with Aimar, Riquelme and Saviola. I'm sure all players from both teams will be worked up for this 'derby' as it is certainly worth more than 3 points with national pride...
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    Intl Friendly - Italy vs. Tunisia (May 30th)

    This would be a good chance to get an idea of Trap's thoughts about the formation and players to be used in Euro2004. According to reports, most players look healthy and fit except for Cannavaro who is suffering from a slight injury to his left foot and Del Piero who is still not 100% fit...
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    If they were a P'ship team ...

    I got this funny feature from the mirror concerning Euro2004 teams. If they were a Premiership team they'd would be: Spain Spurs: Glamorous, play attractive football but with no end product. Russia Leeds: Former superpower but now only famous for their fall from grace. Portugal...
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    UEFA U-21 C'Ship

    With just a few weeks remaining before the EURO2004 championship, football fever have struck Europe and football fans worldwide. Before the 'main dish' of Europe's most thrilling competition, some appetizers will be served in the form of the UEFA Under-21 Championship that will be held in...
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    Serie A's Team of the Season.

    (4-2-3-1) Gianluca Pagliuca (Bologna) There isn't once the former Azzurro fails to be a vital part of his team's positive results. Thanks to him and his superb saves, Bologna are safe from relegation. ------ Giuseppe Pancaro (AC Milan) The Rossoneri's unexpected secret weapon...
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    Defense Crisis: Who's fault is it?

    We all know that Juve's defensive line has come under fire for it's disastrous performances throughout the season. 27 Goals have been conceded, still counting. Who do you think is the most responsible for that?
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    Share a Laugh.

    Funny multimedia goes into here. In the meantime, check the following short but funny video clips. You might have already seen them, but its worth another laugh :)
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    EPL Poll: Who got the best buy?

    Arsenal: JOSE REYES HE was the darling of Seville, loved by the fans. Tipped to be a world beater, he is a versatile striker who wears his heart on his sleeve. And the Arsenal fans will adore him in equal measure provided he does the business following his £20million transfer. The...
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    Serie A: Things Will Never Be The Same Again

    Once upon a time, the Gazzetta Dello Sport would boast in the face of the Daily Mirror and Marca about the mighty, yet beautiful, 'Seven Sisters' who once resided in Italia and made the Calcio very much compelling and enjoyable. However, out of those seven sisters only three seem to be able...
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    Salute Alex the great !!

    This thread is dedicated to Alex after finally scoring a hatrick that made us all happy. This also goes to Ale's fans and his 'harsh' critics alike ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It all happened in the Delle Alpi 'Wonderland', like a...
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    Exclusive Zambrotta Interview (with Part 2)

    Interview conducted by the site. Zambrotta: "I was owned by Juve in 1998 without me knowing about it". "Some players didn't want Camoranesi in the National Team". "Montero warned me about Moreno before the match". "I see Maresca as the next Zidane". "The one...
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    Totti Apologizes and Gazzetta Reveals Secrets

    The Gazzetta Dello Sport had the inside story surrounding Totti's strange outburst on recent Balon d'or winner, Pavel Nedved. The reason behind Totti's attack on Nedved and evident rage was that he felt 'betrayed' when he discovered that current Azzurri coach Giovanni Trapatoni and previous...