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  1. Lion

    their team very handsome

    hello, it is me, your favorite lion, Lion! after the success and popularity of my previous handsome thread, and due to popular is the thread to discuss handsome players from other teams. share your thoughts on who you consider handsome. I'm going to start with tuz favorite...
  2. Lion

    our team very handsome - current crisis

    hello, my name is Lion. I am here to discuss who is handsome in team and who is not. you can let me know who you agree with and disagree with not handome: chiellini asamoah handsome: dybala DS buffon marchisio douglas costa matuidi average: rest of squad we lost...
  3. Lion

    Betting help

    basically the premise of this thread is to help , and ask each other questions about betting and gambling. I just registered on From now on i will be betting mostly on sports with a bit on games. I am quite new at this so i dont have any advice to give really. my suggestion for...
  4. Lion

    Imposing Transfer caps

    well with teams going crazy in transfer market and inflating the price of average players is ruining the market. FFP is never going to work. but what about a transfer cap? say for example UEFA imposes a transfer cap of 50 million. it doesnt matter how many players you buy. you can buy...
  5. Lion

    unsticky all the player threads excpet for del piero and buffon.....

    i don't like the idea of sticking player threads, just because they perform well. imo if a player is performing well, or not well enough, there will always be enough posts to keep the threads bumped. sticky player threads should be reserved for players who have achieved legend status. players...
  6. Lion

    season expectations, and predictions 2010/2011

    we've started our season, so time for a new thread about what we expec, and what we think. with all the negativity lately though it would not surprise me if some say relegation battlers. so tell us your expectations and predicitons for the team in league, el, and coppa. league...
  7. Lion

    so i was think

    tired of the whining going on about you know what. funny how the members whining and letting emotions get to them are men acting like a bunch of school girls. on the other hand the women have been pretty calm and rational. so respect to the women of this forum for not letting the stereotype...
  8. Lion

    In China, you don't fornicate with the police.

    is your police as badass as this:
  9. Lion

    Listen exclusively to Bee sounds toys imported from China. Cultural Jungle toy!!!

    bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yeah i mad fucking clowns
  10. Lion

    Haters gonna hate

    today i rocked my italy jersey while biking. i'm not even italian. it was given as a gift to me. anyone else sport jerseys of countries besides ones they from/have a passport to? is it weird to do so? in b4 andy in b4 jack. let the shit storm begin.
  11. Lion

    People of Walmart welcome to america
  12. Lion

    you wish your parents let you do this when you were 8

    u mad 8 year olds are more badass than you?
  13. Lion

    woman gets owned trying to play the sympathy card

    fuck my life
  14. Lion

    How do I make bladck bars disappear from blu ray movies on my TV?

    i watching matrix trilogy and bourne trilogy blu rays, but when it doesn't become full screen on my lcd hd tv and instead those ugly black bars on top and bottom appear. is there anyway i can make it full screen? i watching them on my ps3 by the way. the movies are imported from uk if...
  15. Lion

    Italian mobster is shot and killed by hitman Good ol' Italy. see under video for more info
  16. Lion

    oh crap! teh internetz is readin my mind! :shocked: you have to try it. It's amazing. do it faggot.
  17. Lion

    Boxing day shoppers. Post your lists

    So who's hear looking forward to the boxing day deals? I've already got a list of items I'm going to be getting: an 8GB memory stick for my PSP (22 bucks) bunch of bluray movies for 10 bucks each (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Transporter, Terminator 2 and some others) a wireless...
  18. Lion

    For Bes, Martin and others :lol:
  19. Lion

    F my life :lol: Best. Site. Ever.
  20. Lion

    serial killers who are free

    taken from another forum.