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  1. kaizer

    Favourite Athlete of 2003

  2. kaizer

    Round 18

    Week 19 - 16/1/05 Atalanta - Siena Brescia - Fiorentina Cagliari - Juventus Chievo - Roma Lazio - Palermo Livorno - Messina Milan - Udinese Parma - Lecce Reggina - Inter Sampdoria - Bologna Good luck :D
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    Round 17

    Week 18 - 9/1/05 Bologna - Chievo Fiorentina - Lazio Inter - Sampdoria Juventus - Livorno Lecce - Reggina Messina - Brescia Palermo - Milan Roma - Atalanta Siena - Parma Udinese - Cagliari Good luck :D
  4. kaizer

    Worst Actors / Actresses

    Surely u have an actor/s that u just hate, coz u think he/she plain 'ol sux at acting. here are mine: Keanu Reeves - i used to really like him, but now i realize how "stiff" is he :wallbang: Britney Spears - i know it was only one movie, but God! sumone shud slap her face! Paul Walker...
  5. kaizer

    If You are A Vampire....

    ....or vampiress, what would your name be? Mine: The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity: Princess of Scandanavia Known in some parts of the world as: Mother of The Horned One :rofl: The Great Archives Record...
  6. kaizer

    Round 13

    Saturday December 4 2004 Parma FC v AC Milan 18:00 FC Internazionale v FC Messina Peloro 20:30 Sunday December 5 2004 Cagliari Calcio v AC Chievo Verona 15:00 AC Fiorentina v Bologna FC 15:00 Juventus v SS Lazio 15:00 US Lecce v SS Livorno Calcio 15:00 US Città di Palermo v...
  7. kaizer

    Serie A - Attandances for 2003/2004 click on the link above. how pathetic are we? :groan: btw, the site got a lot of interesting stats. worth checking out :)
  8. kaizer

    Big guns Get Set for Evra

    Sky Sport Friday, 28 May 2004 by Patrick Haond Manchester United and Juventus are understood to be ready to slug it out to acquire the services of Monaco full back Patrice Evra. The France international has enjoyed a stunning campaign and played a major role in the club reaching...
  9. kaizer

    Zambrotta Weds!

    E’ davvero un 2004 da ricordare a lungo per Gianluca Zambrotta. Un’ottima stagione nella Juventus (ribadito da alcuni premi assegnati nei giorni scorsi) e ieri la chiamata ufficiale da parte di Giovanni Trapattoni per i prossimi Europei del Portogallo. E oggi anche uno splendido evento a livello...
  10. kaizer

    Thuram to Real?

    Sky Sports news Real Madrid have been linked with a move for French international defender Lilian Thuram. According to reports in France, officials for the El Santiago Bernabeu giants look to be exploring the possibility of landing the Juventus man in the summer. The 32-year-old is...
  11. kaizer

    Inter Look To Unsettled Mexès

    Sunday, 29 February 2004 by Nadia Carminati Internazionale are ready to join the hunt for Philippe Mexes after the highly-rated defender confirmed he wants to quit Auxerre. Mexes is one of the most sought-after stoppers in Europe and has attracted a wealth of interest across the...
  12. kaizer

    What's Coming in March

    now that we're more than halfway thru february, cant help thinking bout what's in store for us in march .....matches i mean. 7/3 - Brescia (away) 9/3 - Deportivo (home) --> CL 14/3 - Milan (home) 17/3 - Lazio (away) --> Coppa Italia 21/3 - Udinese (away) 28/3 - Modena (home)...
  13. kaizer

    Attention All Ladies

    i thot i'd share summink with all of u......if u're NOT a lady, then pass this on to your girlfriends or wives ------------------------------ Through a Rapist's Eyes (No Joke) A group of rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are...
  14. kaizer

    Alien vs Predator

    kinda like freddie vs jason :D i've seen the trailer....but is it out yet, particularly in the states...? cant wait to see it, my all time fav "weird" character alien against the killing machine, predator :cool:
  15. kaizer

    Collina Awarded Honorary Doctrate

    December 28, 2003 HULL, England (AP) - Just call him Dr. Collina Pierluigi Collina, widely considered the world's No. 1 soccer referee, will be awarded an honorary doctorate by England's University of Hull. The Italian will be presented with an honorary Doctor of Science...
  16. kaizer

    Roma Top Serie A Christmas Tree

    Roma top Serie A Christmas tree As Italy enters its midwinter break, James Richardson's festive round-up drools over mistletoe, wine - and Francesco Totti Monday December 22, 2003 Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, and a group of red-suited figures chortling "Ho ho ho"...
  17. kaizer

    Favourite Athlete of 2003

    i dunno where to start this thread, so if the mods wishes to move it....go ahead :D vote for athelete of the year: kim clijters pavel nedved jan ullrich valentino rossi jonny wilkinson go to lets all vote for nedved.....:D:cool:
  18. kaizer

    Zambrotta is Man of 2003

    Lippi: Zambrotta is man of 2003 Sunday 21 December, 2003 Football Italia Marcello Lippi looks back on a successful year for Juventus and explains how he rediscovered Gianluca Zambrotta. “Every Coach must find a solution to everyday problems,” noted the tactician. “When...
  19. kaizer

    byron moreno - remember him?

    i know a lot of u wud kill me for this :D, but i just had to tell. i saw an interview on him yesterday... even after more than a year, he still pledges his innocence. he sed he didnt favour the koreans and had no regrets on his refereeing during world cup 2002. it was a split second...
  20. kaizer

    Nedved Wanted?

    Agent: Chelsea chasing £25m Nedved Chelsea are in hot pursuit of Juventus' Czech midfielder Pavel Nedved according to the player's agent. Zdenek Nehoda told The Sun that the wealthy west Londoners are tracking Nedved after advice from England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson. The...