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  1. IceBlu

    Stop stealing my artwork

    I don't post around here anymore but its been brought to my attention that my artwork (avatars to be precise) are being used by members here without my permission. Now the member called "gmmmu" is using an avatar which i made for my use on another site. This isn't the first time either. My...
  2. IceBlu

    Perrotta signs for Roma - Official

    Mexes, Ferrari and now Perrotta :down: Gilardino could be next :groan: Why are Juve just sitting back when even the poorest of poor clubs are stocking up like theres no tomorrow ?! Im F*CKIN FED UP.
  3. IceBlu

    Carvalho to Chelski for 30 Million :|

    He is supposedly in London now and will sign tomorrow. All i can say is F*CK YOU ROMAN. 24 Million on Drogba.... 30 on Carvalho..... absolutely ridiculous. Chelsea are runing the game. Everyone at the club gets salaries that range from 3 - 5 Million :groan::groan::groan:
  4. IceBlu

    Say it ain't so ...........

    Goalcity is reporting that Miccoli is going to be loaned to Lazio for a year as part of the deal to bring Cesar to Juve :fero: What the hell ?! Miccoli and Maresca were like the only 2 bright spots during the gloomy 2003 season and both are being loaned / sold :groan: That may mean...
  5. IceBlu

    Soon to be official: Mutu to Juve :eek::eek::D:thumb: INCREDIBLE !
  6. IceBlu

    I saw......

    aca's headless turkey in a dream :dazed: it was going to kill me but i woke up :angel: Scary
  7. IceBlu

    The Legend has left the Building :(

    Baiocco is no longer a Juve player :( hes been sold to Messina :( True legend and i will worship him forever :moan:
  8. IceBlu

    Just thought i'd share this with you guys

    Hey i made this in Photoshop and if you want to use it you may do so.
  9. IceBlu

    Sign this even if you don't care (H)

    pleaseeee :P
  10. IceBlu

    Alex_samatar where are you :( ?

    Hes a legend you know he is ! alex_samatar i miss you :down: :wth:
  11. IceBlu

    Juve changing their logo ???????

    Look what i found on another site. They look pretty authentic to me. Whats up with this sudden change ?! Man.... i don't know what to say.
  12. IceBlu

    Something to cheer all Juve fans up :D

    heh.... heres something i cooked up to sum up this season ;)
  13. IceBlu

    Juventus Jersey with Sky Logo

    Heres what I came up with - I think this is how the jersey will look.
  14. IceBlu

    Beckham's RIDICULOUS dive vs Barca

    hahahah ! This is one of the funniest yet saddest thing i've ever seen. Beckham was trying to get van Bronkhorst sent off and ended up making a fool out of himself What a disgrace !
  15. IceBlu

    Inter fans firebomb Vieir's and Cannavaro's resturants

    Fans firebomb Vieri business Wednesday 25 February, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------- Tension at Inter is sky high after petrol bombs were thrown at restaurants owned by Christian Vieri and Fabio Cannavaro. Police revealed that late last night...
  16. IceBlu

    Juve's Silver Coppa Italia Star

    I was wondering where they were going to incorporate the 3rd star in the Juve crest once they win the 10th Coppa Italia... so i photoshopped this... I was thinking of putting it on top but then what happens when they win the 30th Scudetto :D so here goes... what do you think ?
  17. IceBlu

    Feher is dead :(:(:(

    Benfica hungarian international Miklos Fehér fell unconscious inconscient during the game vs Guimaraes. THe ref showed him a yellow, he smiled and just fell down. Next thing you know hes Dead :down::down: Such a sad day :( He was 24 years old. He has a son who is 2 weeks old...
  18. IceBlu

    Ferrara and Birindelli are out for a month.

    Yep... both are out for a month at least. YAY :D:D:D:D:D:D this couldn't have come at a better time :cool: I hope this forces Moggi to invest in a defender or 2 before the transfer window closes.
  19. IceBlu

    Just a couple of questions about the EU

    Just wanted to clarify the following questions .. How many Non - EU players are Italian teams allowed to have ? How many Non - EU players do Juve have currently ? (im too lazy to count...and it would be nice if someone could list the non - EU players here) When does the Czech Rep...
  20. IceBlu

    Too many Italians at Juve ?

    Del Piero Miccoli Di Vaio Maresca Camoranesi (yeah i know, i know) Conte Tacchinardi Zambrotta Ferrara Legrottagle Iuliano Pessotto Buffon Chimenti etc etc... I know that almost all those players in that list are one of the best in their respective positions but do you think...