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  1. Ian

    Van der Sar delighted with clean sheet record

    Alright, I gotta say, that Joe Esposido's "Your the Best" is totally playing in my head right now....
  2. Ian


    Hey y'all, just making my yearly visit. How is everyone? Any sweet threads I should check out?
  3. Ian

    Arsene Wenger's secret identity!

    No comment...
  4. Ian

    Stars of the World Cup: so far...

    1. Valentine Invanov 2. Jorge Larriando 3. Graham Poll 291 Yellow Cards delivered: 5.6 per games 23 Red Cards delivered: almost 1 red card for every 2 games The saying goes that coaches lose games, players win games, and referees ruin games. This has certainly been true for...
  5. Ian

    Unfortunate Ending

    Firstly, I’ve completed almost 10.000 posts on this forum, since 2001. Not too bad, if you think about it. I’ve learned a lot about football, people, and Juve in my time here. I’d like to thank a few people: Erik: for being a terrific guy and everything else that makes him great...
  6. Ian

    Klaas Jan Huntelaar

    From Wikipedia: Klaas Jan Huntelaar (born August 12, 1983 in Drempt) is a Dutch footballer. From Soccernet:
  7. Ian

    Happy 420

  8. Ian

    Bonnefoi to Start

    So Bonnefoi is starting. This is a good thing, IMO. I've been very tired of seeing this obvious talent wasted on the bench. I expect you'll be pleasantly surprised with his performance. Any thoughts?
  9. Ian

    David Beckham Straight Scandal!!!

    David Beckham Prefers Sex with Women: According to sources close to the England and Real Madrid star, there is no question that he is a heterosexual male. Despite having impecably groomed hair and a penchant for dressing well, all other evidence points to Beckham's preference for women...
  10. Ian

    Population Problem

    According to all rational thought on the matter, humans have vastly overpopulated the planet. There are somewhere between six and seven billion people on the planet today. This population is sustained (omitting the 45,000 people who starved to death in the last 24 hours), by the use of fossil...
  11. Ian

    Who's playing in Midfield?

    With Emerson, Zambrotta, Nedved, and Pessotto injured; and Blasi suspended, who's going to play in midfield? I guess I'd go for something along these lines: ---Kapo-----Tacchinardi-----Camo-------Olivera--- What are your thoughts?
  12. Ian

    Cannabis Lounge

    I know there are some serious smokers on this forum. Let's all get together and share some smoking stories, both related to football (Juve), and not....
  13. Ian best Goalkeeper Poll

    Alright, now I know it may be a bit obvious for me to do this but, I've got to show you all something that interests me quite a bit. is doing some polls to determine the best player of the year, the best goalkeeper, etc. Notice anything interesting about the poll?
  14. Ian

    Italian NT Hair Accessories

    Yeah, I know this might seem a bit odd, but does anyone know what those little straps that many Italian NT players wore is made of? Or even better does, anyone know where I can buy one in the US?
  15. Ian


    In an effort to get to know everyone better, and hopefully to generate a meaningful (or entertaining) conversation, I want to start a thread about smoking. Do you smoke? If so, what do you smoke? How much do you smoke? How did you start? Are you trying to quit? I'll go first to get...
  16. Ian

    El Classico

    Barcelona vs Real Madrid is on the horizon...I'm looking ofrward to the match, but I just thought this was hilarious:
  17. Ian

    Sluggish Response

    I'm having a bit of a problem on the forums lately. A lot of the time, when I try to follow a link on the forum, the page is loading for about a minute, then it just stops and leaves me with the same page that I had. I click the link again and the same thing happens. It generally takes about...
  18. Ian

    Inter looks to take over the World

    10/10/2003. According to reports in the English media, Bayern Munich's Michael Ballack will be an Inter player from next season. However Bayern will not let the German midfielder go for less than 25 million Euros. Inter are trying to form a central midfield composed of Ballack and another...
  19. Ian

    People who know France/French...

    I realise this might be a bit of an odd question, but it's cultural, and I could use some help. I was wondering if anybody knew of the french term for "high", like high on drugs.
  20. Ian

    Gattuso a True Sage

    Gattuso Defends Zambrotta And Criticises Italian Football Culture Juventus - Bologna | Latest News | News Archive Live Scores Not holding back...Gattuso (Getty Images) 10/08/2003. Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso has hit out at Italian football, and defended Gianluca Zambrotta who was...