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  1. Bongiovi

    For Eric - Dutch Friendly??

    Eric, Can you answer me a question or do some digging for me please! I've heard that the friendly the Dutch play at the end of the season has been cancelled, the one that the winner of the Dutch Eerste Divisie play against Suriprofs, as ADO Den Haag have a bad relationship with Ajax...
  2. Bongiovi

    Grand National - Majed bring me luck!

    In the sweepstake at work for the Grand National I've picked out Majed!......I recognised the name from here quickly enough, so keep your fingers crossed tomorrow ( even though it is 150 - 1) Majed - you're my luck charm!...
  3. Bongiovi


    Any of you lot remember Elisa??....She was French, has an Italian father and Spanish mother and loves Juve????? She was around on the forum for about 6 months about a year ago....whilst she was in England.... Well we had a Juventuz Forum get together yesterday in Paris.... I flew to Paris...
  4. Bongiovi

    CALLING ERIK..Holland -v- Argentina - Friendly

    Anyone know the dutch players who have been called up????? Been looking on the knvb website but nothing as yet..... ps...Erik whats the weather like in Dam, do I need my thermals and 6 fleeces, hat, gloves and scarf??????