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  1. Snoop

    Life is short..

    It is indeed.. I used to make fun of this phrase, never took things seriously, I hurt people a lot, did and said bad things to those I care, things that they didn't deserve, but never cared to apologize or show my love instead.. My father had/has a very serious health problem, I always argued...
  2. Snoop


    A fuckin decade.. damn that's a long time, isn't it? Lots of memories come to mind. Laughs, anger, friendship and lots of lessons. Seriously, I learned a lot from this forum, by communicating with many good guys. Sometimes tears came out of my eyes for laughing hard. Sometimes I was so close on...
  3. Snoop

    Non-Juve Transfer news (official or rumors)

    What you think please discuss! I have no clue who is signing who, and specially in other leagues. Post them here. Official Transfers: Serie A: Juventus: Reto Ziegler (Sampdoria); Andrea Pirlo (Milan); Alessandro Matri (Cagliari); Michele Pazienza (Napoli); Gabriel Appelt (Resende); Inter...
  4. Snoop

    Turkish elections 2011

    What you think? please discuss!
  5. Snoop

    [Serie A] Juventus - Napoli (22-05-2011)

    Let's get raped :weee:
  6. Snoop

    Eurovision 2011... 2019

    What you think? please discuss!
  7. Snoop

    Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan safe after convoy attack

    Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) -- An attack on the convoy of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan killed one policeman Wednesday and injured another, Turkish media reported. Erdogan was not in the convoy at the time of the attack and was air lifted to his next stop in a helicopter, NTV news...
  8. Snoop

    Juve vs Catania

  9. Snoop

    Rats vs Juventus

    Kill 'em all!
  10. Snoop

    Juventus - Genoa

  11. Snoop

    Fake melo

    Ok! Enough of reporting this cunt, trolling calling names here and there cause he can't take -rep? Do this reporting bullshit work? or you will let this go? dragging every threads, following me here and there, and disagree with anything I say (just for the sake of it, so I exchange insults...
  12. Snoop

    The Official Dr.Bisco Clinic

    Are you sick? And poor? can't afford money for doctors? (even if you can but you don't want to?) Do you need a medical advise? Medicus Biscos is your man, 25 Vcash for the first time, and 15 for the next times (within 15 days). what you think please discuss!
  13. Snoop

    Seria A 2010/2011 - Top Goalscorer

    Seria A 2010/2011 - Top Goalscorer
  14. Snoop

    Serie A Winner 2010/2011

    Who Will win the scudetto?
  15. Snoop

    Which team will finish in the top 4 in Serie A?

    Which team will finish in the top 4 in Serie A? Can you please add a poll too?
  16. Snoop

    Team to be relegated from the Serie A 2010/2011

    Will keep it open for one week!
  17. Snoop

    Lecce vs Juventus 20 February

  18. Snoop

    Juventus vs Inter Milan

  19. Snoop

    7th place, possible or not?

    This is no joke! We can't compete with these teams: Inter, Milan, Napoli, Roma, Lazio, Udinese. 6 teams, for the 7th place we have Palermo (+2 points), Cagliari (-3) playing next, Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Genoa might catch us soon if we keep on playing like this. Can we make the EL? Consider...