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  1. duranfj

    Miralem Pjanić

    Pjanic didn't play well but he's far from being the one to pointed out... Our defense, Mandzo and Bentan didn't help at all
  2. duranfj

    Tactics and Formations

    Woj Cancelo-Rugani-Chiello-MdS Berna-Pjanic-Can-Matuidi Paulo-CR7 Sub DC and Mandzo in
  3. duranfj

    Mario Mandžukić

    Not a good game at all... MdS and Mandzo should have been our first subs
  4. duranfj

    [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-0 JUVENTUS [February 20th, 2019]

    I would say to myself that everything is on the ref just to make me feel better We created nothing at all
  5. duranfj

    Zinedine Zidane

    Zizou is coming to become a truly legend here too
  6. duranfj

    Paulo Dybala

    He played well first halfthen he disappears 2nd half and we lost completely the control and tempo of the game. Now he's not a CM and against a team that only goes to kick every time you get the ball it's easy to see why he was struggling Paulo isn't a CM neither a winger
  7. duranfj

    Andrea Agnelli

    It's coming :tevez:
  8. duranfj

    Leonardo Bonucci

    Well it's not much to say... he cost us the leg
  9. duranfj

    Massimiliano Allegri

    Healthy loss???
  10. duranfj

    Massimiliano Allegri

    1152 :lol::lol: and people believe only bots can behave like that 1550696243 You can rank my sites higher in a couple of weeks easily
  11. duranfj

    Massimiliano Allegri

    Looks like some tuzzers got their period sync :p Can we talk about Max and today game please???
  12. duranfj

    [CL] Atlético de Madrid 2-0 JUVENTUS [February 20th, 2019]

    A little luck and we are so gonna win this... They are a great team but we are better. AM counterattack and set piece balls are their only options
  13. duranfj

    Sami Khedira

    We need you Sami. Get well soon.
  14. duranfj

    Gonzalo Higuaín

    Crystal clear... we were a minority by then
  15. duranfj

    Premier League 2018/19

    Lets save Kante
  16. duranfj

    Paul Pogba

    I wasn't against your argument, it was more about to take the opportunity to troll a bit about our vice captain lucky professor Sami
  17. duranfj

    Mauro Icardi - ST - *****

    They have to be doing this on purpose, it has to be
  18. duranfj

    Paul Pogba

    Sami has 21 goals plus 14 assists... just saying
  19. duranfj

    La Liga 2018/19

    We just signed the GOAT so it could be a posibility
  20. duranfj

    La Liga 2018/19

    We only should go for Marcelo if he comes very cheap (almost free), low salary and with a sub role in mind