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  1. CrimsonianKing

    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    Exactly. If he had the right mind set and attitude combined with his talent he’d be unstoppable, but I guess it’s a problem with all modern talents like him and Hazard. They’re obviously good players but there’s clearly something missing and I don’t know what.
  2. CrimsonianKing

    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    To me Pogba is a weird case. At his best he's a force to be reckoned with, amazing vision and passing. He's pure talent, he's got that old school class only a few do. And for that he could be one of the greats but you don't become one of the greats with talent alone. You need to consistently put...
  3. CrimsonianKing

    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    If you go back to my posts when Dybala was still at Palermo you'll see I've had nothing but praise for the guy since then, but he really doesn't seem to have what it takes to achieve the potential I thought he had. He's good but I thought by now he'd be a much better all round player. Sure...
  4. CrimsonianKing

    Premier League 2018/19

    So it's become the norm now in England to gang together and play like shit so the manager you don't like can get sacked?
  5. CrimsonianKing

    Aaron Ramsey

    Dat salary
  6. CrimsonianKing

    [Serie A] Sassuolo 0-3 JUVENTUS [February 10th, 2018]

    Guess I haven't been active too much lately and kinda lost touch with 'tuz' humor. :rolleyes2:
  7. CrimsonianKing

    [Serie A] Sassuolo 0-3 JUVENTUS [February 10th, 2018]

    Even if the performance wasn't the best, 3 goals scored, none conceded and 3 points not enough for you? Damn.
  8. CrimsonianKing

    Massimiliano Allegri

  9. CrimsonianKing

    [Coppa Italia] Atalanta 3-0 JUVENTUS [January 30th, 2018]

    Am I the only one who doesn’t give a fuck? I’m just glad this happened in a Coppa match, not CL. Having said that, as much as I appreciate all he’s done and love Allegri, If it was up to me we’d have started this season with a new manager. I wouldn’t mind someone with a different approach and...
  10. CrimsonianKing

    General TV

    An Asian horror show?? I’m already interested.
  11. CrimsonianKing

    Douglas Costa

    I see there's a hate Douglas Costa club now... Hmm... Some are the usual suspects (Ze Germans) but Post Ironic joined in as well? Interesting.
  12. CrimsonianKing

    Aaron Ramsey - CM/AM - Arsenal

    I think he'll do good. Is he coming now or next season?
  13. CrimsonianKing

    FIFA 19

    God no :scared:
  14. CrimsonianKing

    Rock, in all shapes and sizes

    I miss Bowie so much. I mean it's sad when great artists die but it's even sadder when it's someone who still got it, he was still a relevant creative mind releasing truly interesting music. Hard to say the same about most music heroes of the past. Kurt Cobain's death will probably always be...
  15. CrimsonianKing

    Aaron Ramsey - CM/AM - Arsenal

    Let's get Gotze :tuttosport: @DAiDEViL @Fr3sh @Post Ironic
  16. CrimsonianKing

    Aaron Ramsey - CM/AM - Arsenal

    34 assists and 15 fk goals, you know it’s happening
  17. CrimsonianKing

    Aaron Ramsey - CM/AM - Arsenal

    Next Pirlo
  18. CrimsonianKing

    General Gaming Thread (All Platforms)

    Anyone ever played Subnautica?? I remember watching a few videos of those Youtube gaming series way back and got pretty hooked. When I heard it was coming to PS4 I had to buy it and I did last night.
  19. CrimsonianKing

    Aaron Ramsey - CM/AM - Arsenal

    I remember liking what I saw the few times I’ve watched Arsenal in the last few years. Not sure how he fits our system but hoping for the best.
  20. CrimsonianKing

    Douglas Costa

    Igortudor is contaminating this thread with his vomit.