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  1. Robee

    Paulo Dybala

    Yeah, we agree, man. The thing is Dybala has never been a consistent performer for us despite all his talent. Of course his injuries hamper that but if he wants to be our bandiera, we need that from him. Of course I'd love him to bang in goals left and right. Starting this weekend if possible!
  2. Robee

    Paulo Dybala

    Everyone hopes all 23 players catch form for us. At least every real Juve fan... All I'm saying is he definitely deserves the criticism currently. 1604131067 Dybala is an attacker, pal. So that criterium is not a fair comparison. Szczesny was a constant throughout all those years with only a...
  3. Robee

    Paulo Dybala

    Szczesny, easily.
  4. Robee

    Paulo Dybala

    He took that option off the table when he started whining about not playing against Crotone. Now he deserves all the criticism until he actually starts performing.
  5. Robee

    Paulo Dybala

    Our best player becoming one of the worst problems, is something we remember very well. *Ahum* Higuain *ahum*. And yeah, he's not free of criticism. The least he can do is actually try to do what is asked instead of doing his own thing.
  6. Robee

    Paulo Dybala

    Well, you see Kulu picking up the ball deep as well but then he's sprinting forward right after, instead of strolling around. There is no excuse for what he's doing. Bench his ass when Cristiano is back.
  7. Robee

    Dejan Kulusevski

    'though your point is obviously right, we could actually use some more of this temperament and grinta. Demiral has it as well and it fires up the others.
  8. Robee

    Paulo Dybala

    This BS again. It's not a necessity at all and makes us toothless upfront. We have more than enough quality to bring the ball forward. What we lack (if he keeps dropping low) is people in the attacking third to attack the space. We always slow-ball because everybody needs to get forward first...
  9. Robee

    Paulo Dybala

    He wasn't better than Arthur 'though but I see the confusion. He did try to take his place again instead of playing as an actual attacker. If you demand a pay raise over 10 mil and bitch about not playing, you have to stand the heat.
  10. Robee

    [Serie A] Juventus 1-1 Verona [October 25th, 2020]

    Dybala was actually really awful. And yeah, he doesn't have any game rhythm but Jezus, if you get the bal lower than Arthur and Rabiot, at least act like you're running forward instead of strolling in the center of the pitch.
  11. Robee

    Rate our summer mercato

    Inexperience? Meh... A few incoming players, yeah but not the team as a whole...
  12. Robee

    Leonardo Bonucci

    Not sure I'd want Bonucci right up against the other guy but Bonucci is covering jack shit here and he is not helping Danilo one bit here. 1603299049 N Nah man, if anything it's probably Bentancur's man and he should've followed his run but there ain't all that much wrong anyway.
  13. Robee

    Capitano Giorgio Chiellini

    I know. And the dumbest thing is we keep repeating that same mistake. I'd understand it if Rugani was the backup...
  14. Robee

    Winter Mercato Thread 2021

    Well, he would be perfect for the role Danilo played yesterday. I'd love that.
  15. Robee

    Capitano Giorgio Chiellini

    "Chiellini had this muscular twinge in the flexor. He already felt it after international duty, so was rested against Crotone. We’ll evaluate it now." The guy keeps forcing his body to insanity. We have options enough. Why the fuck would we (and he himself especially) do this... @Post Ironic
  16. Robee

    Andrea Pirlo

    This shape was a vast improvement. It didn't leave us exposed on the break like a bunch of 10-year olds. Hopefully we and Pirlo can build on this. He's got a lot of quality incoming anyway!
  17. Robee

    Alvaro Morata

  18. Robee

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

    Mister Champions League is back
  19. Robee

    Federico Chiesa

    Feel free to bring it up to see the use 'cause I see I said in May he could be an interesting option. I even put him on my fantasy team... But he's also 50% more expensive in a crisis situation so he has lots to prove and not exactly against Crotone or Kyiv. But as I said; I'd love to see him...
  20. Robee

    Federico Chiesa

    Said no one ever. But he did a nice move, gave a 5m pass and the ball was touched by another 4 players because it was a goal. I'll give him that involvement. Good game from him today.