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  1. Gian

    News that makes you say WTF!

    In this individual case it might be, but @X Æ A-12 was actually talking about third worlders in Europe. There wouldn't be a third world if Europeans and mainly the French wouldn't had colonized and looted Africa and enslaved the people. So in a my opinion the French are responsible for this mess...
  2. Gian

    Federico Chiesa Yep, even Marchisio says he's not worth the price. (He also took a major dump on Fiorentina's face)
  3. Gian

    News that makes you say WTF!

    Except they weren't let in. Pretty much all non-ethnic French groups were already a part of France due to it's colonial history. Even fought alongside them in WW1, 2 and in Vietnam. You could even make a darn good case that most of their grandparents or ancestors were actually born on French...
  4. Gian

    Coronavirus (COVID-19 Outbreak)

    Tough call. I think your government banked it all on regional measures to be taken, which seems like a risky but more sensible idea. The French imposed a heavy lockdown only to allow mass tourism again in the summer with no quarantine measures whatsoever taken. Just people all over the world...
  5. Gian

    Coronavirus (COVID-19 Outbreak)

    I can't think of a country that has managed to do worse than France in Europe. One of the toughest first lockdowns that took too long, wearing masks in the office and now kids above 6 wearing one to school, having a night curfew and now a second full lockdown while they break record number of...
  6. Gian


    Probably a new STD I think :agree:
  7. Gian

    Coronavirus (COVID-19 Outbreak)

    Does the economy really matter as we will have global communism in the coming few months? :snoop:
  8. Gian

    [Serie A] Spezia vs Juventus [November 1st, 2020]

    Woj Cuads Demi Bonnie Danilo Ramsey Benta Rabi Kulu Morata Chiesa
  9. Gian

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    We didn’t regress because of Ronaldo, we regressed because we have replaced Pirlo, Marchisio, Vidal and Pogba with Pjanic, Matuidi, Khedira and Rabiot over the years.
  10. Gian

    Andrea Pirlo

    Frankly, Tudor has several years of first team coaching at Udinese and in Turkey. Probably as experienced as an assistent could be.
  11. Gian

    Winter Mercato Thread 2021

    Are there any half decent Italian caretaker coaches available? I can only think of Spalletti
  12. Gian

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

    Atleast he's a professional coach for several years, unlike what we have
  13. Gian

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

    Berna :lol: Circus is complete
  14. Gian

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

    We don't get those cheap PK's anymore, we really suck without those
  15. Gian

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

    Or never buy mediocre Italians
  16. Gian

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

  17. Gian

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

    On my mother, Chiesa is playing against us
  18. Gian

    Federico Chiesa

    50M :lol:
  19. Gian

    Paulo Dybala

    Has Dybala turned into an orthodox Jew? Because those sideburns makes me think he converted judaism
  20. Gian

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

    All we can hope for is Covid-19 to stop this European campaign. Lets be honest, we're not going to achieve anything more than last years great display against Lyon