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  1. DAiDEViL

    PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics
  2. DAiDEViL

    Windows Phone. @Dru

    A Thread to celebrate the greatness of Microsoft Lumia Phones. Throw away your rotten apple! stop acting like a robot! Get a Window - see the World! ...feel the...
  3. DAiDEViL

    TuZ-Surfing - Visit other TuZ Members.

    basically Couchsurfing - but among TuZ Members. :P since we have a lot of members who actually live quite close to each other i thought i'd give it a go. :boh: i suggest you to post if you: ...would host a TuZ Member. ...would not host a TuZ Member. ...would host a TuZ Member...
  4. DAiDEViL

    The Duell Room.

    Welcome to: THE DUELL ROOM. You have a serious discussion going on but it's kinda OT? :boh: Other members are already pissed because they have to read through all the bullshit you are posting? :boh: You try to hide from the mod's and their all-seeing-eyes because you are already on 8...