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  1. Zambrotta

    Your biggest dating age-difference?

    I've started dating again after a fallen relationship. A girl I have been working with for three years has always caught my attention. Apparently it was mutual as we had a date last sunday. The thing is though that I am 24 and she is 30. That is quite a number of years but more importantly those...
  2. Zambrotta

    Tevez leaving Old Trafford

    I heard it was a very heartwarming scene when Carlos Tevez was subbed yesterday in his perhaps last homegame with Man U. Anyone know where I can find a video of it?
  3. Zambrotta

    Norwegian fall

    Ten years ago Norway was dominating in England. Solskjaer was United's supersub, Tore André Flo was a star in Chelsea . One year there was 23 norwegians in Premier League. No other country was close to having that many players. I believe the country that came closest had less than 10. The...
  4. Zambrotta

    Too many sticky threads

    I think there are way too many sticky threads in this section. Maybe half of them are in use. They make the site hard to navigate and you need to do an unnecessary amount of scrolling.
  5. Zambrotta

    Any oldies left here?

    Hey! Staying up late studying and listening to some old music reminded me of this place. I used to spend a good lot of time around this place. Registered back in 2001 and had my most active period between 2002-2004. I really liked the place and the people. Back in those days there was so much...
  6. Zambrotta

    Memory stick for camera and phone

    I recently bought a new telephone and a camera. Now I need memory sticks for them but I don't know which ones I should buy, there are so many different sizes and models. I don't even know which one that would fit. My camera is a: Sony DSC - W55 and my cellphone is a: SonyEricsson W300i...
  7. Zambrotta


    This could be the official thread for smilies. Back in the days Dj Juve had a very cool smilie with a drummer. Do you know which one I'm talking about and where I can find it?
  8. Zambrotta

    Question about Zlatan

    Since there's no official Zlatan thread I'm asking this here. I've had a discussion with a few people in my class about whether Zlatan is fast or not. I say that he is fast, especially since he is so big. But disregarding his height I still think he is rather fast, his speed doesn't seem to...
  9. Zambrotta

    Word blocker in your e-mail

    I read a column today about a cool new e-mail function that had an autoreply to e-mails that contained certain words. This guy had marked the word "göteborg". So if someone sent an e-mail to him with that word they got an automatic reply saying "... has absolutely no interest in the town...
  10. Zambrotta

    Java problems

    I've got a really basic question on Java. I want to randomize an integer between 0 - 100. I have some ideas but it should be simplier than how I made it. Please help.
  11. Zambrotta

    How about Belgium?

    I've longed to move away from my country for a long time. As stated in another thread I would like to move to USA. Not an easy issue, moving within Europe is a completely different thing though. My aim is right now at Belgium. It's far and close enough from Sweden and has a better climate than...
  12. Zambrotta

    What are you thinking all day?

    I guess we're all interested in psychology, but that "science" usually only stretches itself to how people interact and how they react to specific situations. Now I am also interested in What people think. Not really how and why they think in specific ways in certain situations. I want to know...
  13. Zambrotta

    Is it our forwards or is it us?

    During the 90:s Juventus produced or developed several superstar forwards such as Vieri, Del Piero, Baggio and Ravanelli. Over the last years we have taken in a number of big talents but none of them has come close to our expectations. Zlatan started really well but ended up in misery. Now he...
  14. Zambrotta

    Small business ideas

    I've been planning to do a more spectacular summerjob this year. The idea is: Rent a bus Bring some pensioners Drive to Poland Make the trip "In the footsteps of Karl XII". The problems so far are that I haven't got a busdrivers license and don't know too much about history. :)...
  15. Zambrotta

    Can you imagine moving to a smaller town

    We've touched this subject a little in the "Green card" thread. The background is that I come from Stockholm a town with about a million citizens. I moved to Uppsala with maybe 100.000 inhabitants and with much less activities and possibilites. I've realized that I could in the future I could...
  16. Zambrotta

    Introduce yourself

    We used to have a topic called "Introduce yourself" where members posted information and a picture of themselves. Now it seems it's vanished completely. Is it removed for some reason? If so I think it should come back as it was one of the best threads we've had.
  17. Zambrotta

    Six word stories

    Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words words ("For sale: baby shoes, never worn.") and is said to have called it his best work. Now it's time to make our own six word stories. By the end of February (probably) a winner will be announced. Some inspiration: "With bloody hands...
  18. Zambrotta

    Green Card

    I've always dreamt of living in America, especially New York or Seattle. But of course I would need a job to afford it. How hard is it to get a green card. I'm currently studying environmental engineering, a field where there are lots of jobs at the moment. I might change to studying medicine...
  19. Zambrotta


    For some time now I've been thinking about getting tattoos. It is a tough decision that is pretty much final. The only thing that is stopping me right now is the fact that it could be harmful when applying for jobs. I want tattoos on my arms which wouldn't be much of a problem if I work in a...
  20. Zambrotta

    Jazz forum

    I've been looking for a jazz forum but with no success. Anyone who can help?