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  1. All Time Juventus

  2. Juve Material !!

    Juve Material? This a phrase bandied about all over this forum by various posters on various subjects with seemingly various meanings. So what the hell is supposed to mean?? We've seen it used in relation to success / quality all the way through many guises to moral fortitude.... Are we...
  3. Respaul's Juve X-Word

    Im currently trying out making a few Juve puzzles... X-Words, wordsearches etc This is an early X-Word attempt, Its relatively mixed, some are hard some very obvious. Names can be fore or sur Anyway, if you fancy trying it i'd appreciate the feedback. The x-word can be found in the next...
  4. History section of Juventuz

    Now i dont usually look at the main site, but i had a quick look when the forum waqs updatede... I have to say, for what is meant to be a major juve fan site... The history section is massively lacking... No real info on the history of our club, jus a trophy list and your standard juve...
  5. Pm limit

    Whats the limit for pms ?
  6. A few official stats for 2004/05 Serie A (last season)

    Some Stats for Selected Juventus outfield Players :: Zebina : Minutes : 2072 Goals : 0 Minutes per Goal : N/A Assists : 2 Successful Crosses : 18 Succesful passes : 827 Pass Success rate : 76.1% Fouls Committed : 58 Fouls Recieved : 38 Off Sides : 0 Yellow Cards : 7...
  7. Respaul's Juve Pepsi Challenge 2005 - 2nd Edition

    Ok, Following up on the 2nd edition of my quiz's success on another forum (120 entrants) and the 1st quiz going down relatively well on juventuz last year... Is there any interest in partaking in the 2nd edition from the members of ?? Last years quiz can be found here for...
  8. Who will win what?

    Who do you think will win what in the upcoming season ? Champions league UEFA Cup Serie A (top3) Coppa Italia EPL (top3) FA Cup La Liga (top3) Copa del Rey WC 2006 (Final)
  9. Your choice of formation ?

    Yes i know theres allready a thread... But its a mess and not quite what i was looking for... What squad (18 men) and formation would you personally use... I have no interest in what cap will do, or whether its in the spirit of juve etc... Just purely your choice from the players we have...
  10. Sad state of serie A (attendances)

    England's poor relations put Serie A in shade First Published: Aug 03, 2005 The Championship, English football's second tier, is now officially more popular than Italy's Serie A, traditionally the preserve of Europe's silky soccer millionaires. It's about Millwall rather than Milan...
  11. New owner questions!!

    Im sure we all have some questions for the new owner... So I thought we could have a thread with jus a list of questions from the members... Can you give us more details on your plans? What kind of advertising will there be? You say in your bid you know the 'key' members... Who are...
  12. Dual Accounts

    Please will one of you mods... do something about these bloody dual accounts... We all know they are dual accounts and we all know who they are... so please... do your job and get rid of them
  13. Newcastle - Aston Villa

    Did anyone see this today?? Unbeleivable... I have never ever witnessed such scenes in a football match... Truely didnt know whether to laugh or cry
  14. Delete

    Martin, Please delete my account Cheers Paul
  15. swearing

    Is the censor no longer in operation?? It seems many7 swear words you couldnt write before are now postable
  16. Football Factory

    Basically its a comedy about male bonding hidden under the veil of football violence. Its maybe The Firm meets Human Traffic Very very funny film with a great cast Slightly weak (rip off) ending but otherwise great and very funny. Slight warning... very very harsh language from...
  17. Sigs

    Quick question. In your profile it says your sig can be a maximum of 5 lines long... So how come some members sigs are much longer?
  18. Alternative View of WC2002

    Sorry its a bit old, but I only came across it the other day:: World Cup Soccer Football Round-up with Frankie Truman, The Voice of American Soccer Football Hello from South Korea, land of the rising sun! I'm Frankie Truman, and this is your exclusive round-up...
  19. Juventus Action

    What with all the advertising for juventus action on I was jus wondering if anyone had subscribed to the site and whether it is any good? Cheers
  20. Goal Scorers Against our Main Rivals in recent Times

    Over the last 9 seasons (94/95 - 02/03) against our 4 main rivals (Milan,Inter,Roma,Lazio) Juve have scored 94 goals in 72 matches in Serie A... having 27 different scorers plus 3 own goals in our favour. Goals Scored over 9 seasons against our 4 rivals : 18 - Del Piero 09 - Inzaghi...