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  1. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Can't fault clubs for wanting loans with obligation to buy when revenue has been hit hard with covid. And let's face it, we try to exercise that option with every player we are linked to as well. When it comes to rugani we have seriously wasted his potential. He should have left years ago. We...
  2. [Serie A] Juventus vs Napoli [October 4th, 2020]

    Can't experiment in this one...need a solid line up. Dybala back hopefully.
  3. [Serie A] Roma 2-2 Juventus [September 27th, 2020]

    In addition to a short preseason under a new manager and many new players is the fact that we face roma in round 2 and then we have napoli in round 3...not facing minor teams straight up to help the team gel doesn't help pirlo settle in quickly.
  4. [Serie A] Roma 2-2 Juventus [September 27th, 2020]

    Not enough time to experiment preseason so unfortunately pirlo will try certain things early on in the season. In this case it was detrimental. Result could have been worse. Really looked poor when roma were on the counter attack...just left so many gaps.
  5. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    I think pirlo has spoken with all players that are not in his plans and costa was one of them. I feel for costa...he is a quality player just unlucky with injuries. Nonetheless my concern right now is whilst cuads and even chiesa may fit the bill for the rwb/rw role against the likes of samp...
  6. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Still concerned about the midfield. Ramsey was great against samp but still not confident in his body. We may need one more.
  7. Build/Predict Your Juve

    Will be interesting to see which midfield duo pirlo sticks with. Bentancur was our best midfielder last season with rabiot having a ripper last quarter of a season. Wouldn't think Arthur was brought in to sit on bench and mckennie seems to be a contender as well. The season is long...plenty of...
  8. Alvaro Morata

    The fee is can be questioned but as a player I prefer him than a 34 yr dzeko or suarez. He is different to dzeko but I think that is a good thing as morata can be more versatile in that final third. He wont score 30 goals but is that what we really needed? Ronaldo and dybala score enough...add...
  9. Aaron Ramsey

    Did anyone really doubt his quality? Every criticism thrown his way related to being injury prone. Stay healthy and we have ourselves an extra midfielder.
  10. Danilo

    He played well. It is against a weak team however he won't start when MDL is fit so to know he can play in the role and rest MDL during the season against mid table teams is good to know.
  11. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Rebuilding in our case is relevant to our midfield only and it needed it. 10th scudetto is a must and still achievable...with suarez/dzeko or without for that matter. The squad is better right now than it was last season.
  12. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Not sure how important this striker is to pirlos tactics but last season this very much wasn't the issue for us in the CL. It was all midfield issues...the question whether arthur and McKennie are going to improve us in this area. Rabiot and bentancur at their best are good enough, we know that...
  13. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Khedira to United on a free once we settle the shit with his contract. Have to laugh how some of the media in the UK are saying it is a steal. Fuck me. I think we need to lower our expectations...thinking shit will haooen on a daily basis will drive everyone mad. Everything seems overly...
  14. Paulo Dybala

    I see where you are coming from but what if he scores 30 plus goals, performs consistently in all comps and is an all round team player but we dont win anything? His bonuses should be a mix of personal and team achievements.
  15. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Make no mistake I want one more midfielder to join and I know ramsey will not be available when we need him most. I just dont think any other midfielder is coming in.
  16. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    With names like dzeko at 7m per season it means he is starting upfront. But I just dont see a player like Giroud starting...i see him being back up. But does that dybala is the cf? Then again pirlo keeps saying he needs a number 9. So fucking confusing. Midfield is done I reckon...we will sign...
  17. Andrea Pirlo

    Under montero we would get 5 red cards per game..but not concede any goals lol.
  18. Edin Džeko - Wolfsburg - ST

    Interested to see how pirlo plays dzeko ronaldo and dybala. We have no cash..with de sciglio going the other way im ok with it. Although i still can't understand why we need a cf after dybalas season. Loan kean and add one more midfielder and we are done.
  19. Weston McKennie

    Good start...but against weak opponents in a game where most are justvgoing through the motions. Just excited to see different names in that midfield.
  20. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    FB tells me costa turned 30 years old yday....really need to utilise him in the market this summer.