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  1. Coppa Italia - Udinese Vs Reggina

    does any1 have good quality HLs of this game?? the one that went to pens,8-7 thx
  2. Andrea Pirlo Clips

    i have a request for you guys does any of you have any links to clips for pirlo? not the youtube ones,something a bit better if possible thx a lot i know hes not a juve player but hes still damn good
  3. Return of Miccoli(another return!)

    Fabrizio Miccoli probably won’t be staying in Lisbon, despite the player himself saying that he’s more than happy to stay. The key lies with Juventus who still have the player under contract. Miccoli was loaned out to Benfica after falling out with the old management at the Turin Bianconeri...
  4. Buying football jerseys online

  5. Robert Baggio '94

    does anyone have highlights of robby from WC '94? thx in advance
  6. 02-03 Italy Jersey (Kappa)

    does anyone know a site that i can order italys 02-03 Italy Kappa jersey??
  7. Buying football jerseys online

    i know this subject has been discussed before and i searched for an existin thread but didnt find one. so can someone tell me any good sites for ordering football jerseys thx