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  1. Nick Against the World

    If it's not too bad cant you just get those "invisible" braces that they place behind your teeth where no one can see?
  2. Nick Against the World

    20% of it being on Roma ;)
  3. Football team wins match by scoring against itself.

    That's what I was thinking...I mean the goalkeeper could just walk it in the net
  4. Roma handed Tranfer Embargo

    Wow...this seems somewhat ridiculous and overly harsh.... the fine I understand, but shutting the transfer windows seems like an abuse of power...
  5. Nick Against the World

    Ever consider the VW Touareg? A lot like the Murano except a hotter ride(or I think so personaly). I think it'd be big enough and probably guzzle less gas than that beast of a honda.
  6. Worst then I though!

    Geeez Nicole, after all these rather pointless and repetitive threads, I must say.... I'm beginning to like the guy
  7. Roma to Serie B...NOT

    Yes.... lucky number 6, right?
  8. [EU] Champions League 04/05

  9. Nick Against the World

    It's not as if he owed something to you buddy. He's finding interesting, relevant articles that many people enjoy, I really dont see why you should turn menopausal and moan at him because its not convinient for you personaly.
  10. [EU] Champions League 04/05

    I cant honnestly say I saw the Juve match yesterday...I was in class :groan:
  11. [EU] Champions League 04/05

    Fair enough, I agree that the juve defence has been very efficient
  12. [EU] Champions League 04/05

    Wow that was a great, unbiased and level-headed post.... seriously, where to you get off comparing Sheva to any of the forwards at juve? Midfield at Milan is a class apart and dont try and compare defence, you're simply dillusional. And please explain why exactly was Sheva lucky? And it...
  13. Nick Against the World

    wow interesting quotes...Im definetely gonna look into reading the whole book The whole subject of performance inhancing drugs is really starting to interest me. Im a competitive swimmer and when I was talking to my friend on my varsity team he told me the team doctor for his other club's...
  14. Nick Against the World

    Well that would suck... just this morning on the radio they were talking about it for a bit and didnt mention a thing about the organizers going bankrupt. They did however mention that it would probably take place in the Olympic Stadium in Montreal :dontcare:
  15. Nick Against the World

    Really?! :cheesy::cheesy::cheesy: If you guys would have a site talking about this would you mind posting it up?! As for where they could play... I guess it would probably at Molson Stadium; that's where our football(american) team (Montreal Alouettes) play. I doubt theyd go where our...
  16. [EU] Champions League 04/05

    Imagine :undecide:
  17. Automatic gear VS Manual gear

    "The worst part of driving an automatic car is having to tell your friends you're gay." - Me Obviously a joke, but having a stick does impress the ladies... But I agree that for those who live very densily populated areas, automatic is the more practical(anyways, much less aggrevating)...
  18. Nick Against the World

    Yeah pretty much...Corona is one of those clear bottle, light beers. If I were to put a lime in my beer, Id much rather it be a Sleeman Silver Creek...EXCELLENT beer especialy for the price. Nic, have you ever tried Kokanee... one of my favorite Candian beers along with the silver creek...
  19. Nick Against the World

    Here, this should be a fun instructional video for all And geez, DP has to stop scoring altogether; at least then he would be constant and some positive action could be taken. As it is now, he causes a divide between fans and a...
  20. Nick Against the World

    Have none of you seen Scarface? Yayo is cocaine