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    Hello! I have some questions regarding thid match and tickets to it: I'm taking my girlfriend to Milano(christmas gift from my family). And on the 13th of january I would like to take her to see Milan-Napoli... In that occasion I wondered if it is possible to order tickets to the match on...
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    Sound problems

    I have recenty suffered under the msn virus and was therefore forced to reboot my computer. I can't find my sound driver cd, and I am to lazy to open the computer to check. My question is this: How can I find out what sound driver my computer require? -so I can download it. I know I can use...
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    Does anyone have the goals from todays match??
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    Does anyone have the goals from todays match??
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    Tudor's red crad?

    Does anybody have the incident which resulted in the red card for Tudor this weekend? Appreciated:)
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    Trip to Italy!:D

    Hey! I'm going to Italy on the 7th of march to see some good football matches. I'm going to see: Juve vs Werder, Milan- Bayern, Inter-Sampdoria, Juve-Milan(!!!!! Have the tickets!!!!) and Inter-Ajax:D :cool: :cool:
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    Fastest hatrick ever?

    Does anyone of you guys know whats the fastest hatrick ever? And by who?
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    Was or were?

    whats the rule? When shall it be was and when should it be were?
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    ok I have a assignment on school.... I shall write a text about why people file for divorce in modern days..... And I have some clues, but not so much. So I was wondering if any of you could name a few reasons. thanks.
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    Heia Tufte!

    "Heia Tufte" is a norwegian tv show. It is beeing shown by TvNorge every monday night. It was inspired by a Norwegian tv commercial. It is the baddest football players in Norway, training with the Norwegian keeper Thorstvedt. trying to get so good as possible, because they shall play against...
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    free Anti-Virus program?|

    I need to scan my comp for viruses and stuff, but I don't have any Anti-Virus programs.... Is there any free progs for download?? Thanks.....
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    I have reached 2020 posts on this fantastic forum. And there are some members worth mentioning....... First of all Gino: You are cool, the perfect Juve supporter:thumb: Azzurri7: You makes this place better! Stuart: You're posts is excellent:thumb: Gray: You're a smart ass:D I like to read...
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    Layouts for Sony Ericsson?

    Does anyone of you guys know how I can make my own layouts ormy Sony Ericsson phone??? Thanks....
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    the importance of streching out after a workout?

    My question is as follows: After a workout ( all kind of workout) how important is it to strech out? And shall I do it every day, even if I haven't had a workout?
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    Red Card Vid?

    Is anyone in possession of a video of Alessandro getting the red card??(if he has been given one:confused:) It would be appreciated:)
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    Zeman to coach Brescia?

    Zeman Close To Brescia Deal 6/20/2005 7:32:00 AM The former Lecce coach has no problem to coach a Serie B team. Zdenek Zeman has not confirmed the strong speculation linking him to the Rondinelle, but hinted out that a deal is very close. “Right now I don’t speak publicly about these...
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    Montero Leaves.

    Montero Confirms Juve Exit 6/20/2005 7:37:00 AM The Uruguayan defender is set to play in La Liga next season. Paolo Montero’s holidays have already ended as the player is training on his own to be ready for his national side’s next World Cup qualification matches. The player is currently...
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    Do anyone on this forum know of a not to hard song to sing? Cuz I got this music thingie and I must perform a song and since I don't have much knowledge in songs, I am forced to use u guys;) Any suggestions?