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  1. Asma

    Finally Dr. Asma ! :D

    Hey guys! I finally graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery alhamdulillah. The official graduation ceremony is in 10 days and i am so excited. Hopefully i will have more time for the forums now that i am done. I missed you all <3
  2. Asma

    [Request] Username ..

    Hey I would like to change my username from MISS DUBAI to Asma And so,i was wondering if any of the mods can help me with this.Thanks. Have a nice day :)
  3. Asma


    Eyooo everyone, I am back...! but not for,i just wanted to drop by and saay hii to everyone.. :)
  4. Asma


    dont mind my hand-writing...i cant write properly with this friggin mouse! :D anyways,what is this?are we supposed to celebrate or what exactly? cheers :cool:
  5. Asma

    New Dog

    hey guys.. i am gonna buy a new dog,so,can you people tell me whats the best type of dogs?...price doesnt matter..its quality! as in smart,cute,speed..if you know what i mean thanks. ;)
  6. Asma

    Thweet Thexth-teen :P

    happy b'day to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! i hate to post in arabic but i just have all my awab fwendsss out there:fedaaaaaaaitkom klkom(that was a special dedictaion and thanks to the rest of you
  7. Asma

    The UAE'S 33rd National Day :down:

    today,the 2nd of December,is the UAE's national day..but we didnt/wont celebrate it due to the death of sheik Zayed :down: :sad: rest in peace.. "El-3eed maleh 7alat wala '3ala mn '3airek ya baba Zayed..alla yer7amk :down: "
  8. Asma

    Asma against forum members

  9. Asma

    Chevelle on tour! yayyyy!!

    to Andy and other Chevelle fans Upcoming 2004 Tour Dates: 11/24 – Minneapolis, MN – Target Center – Direct support to Korn 11/27 – Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s 11/28 – Cleveland, OH – CSU Convocation Center – Direct support to Korn 11/30 – Trenton, NJ – Sovereign Bank Arena – Direct...
  10. Asma

    After the sunset

    my friends said it sucked..what do you guys think?is it worth a watch?
  11. Asma

    Shark Tale

    have any of u guys seen it yet? i heard its a must-see..i watched the premiere actually and read several articles concerning the movie,anyways,i might watch it the coming weekend..and dont forget to listen to "Car Wash-Christina Aguilera" ...Besides,Christina starred in the movie,i SHOULD go...
  12. Asma


    a special thanks to Martin for this superb forum :) and to:Andy-Fabiana-Erkka-Don Bes-River-Aisha-Gray-Mansoor-Joshua-Blackmint-Elnur thanks! :touched:
  13. Asma

    Celebrity Makeovers

    i loved it! :D i did the christina! ;) and mods,if this is the wrong place to post this type of threads,can u plz move it to the appropriate section..thank you! :cheesy:
  14. Asma


    a huge shout out to all my fellow arab-muslim members at the forums and around the globe "Happy Ramdan to ya'll...ENJOY! " Ramdan,Muslim's Holy Month..i guess ya'll know what ramdan is! :D Ramdan might be tomorrow or the day after,i am not sure..depending on the moon's phase...
  15. Asma


    i have no idea if this is the right place to open this type of threads,but hey whatever.. :D i just wannna know wht u guys think of her...cuz i think she is DUMB! beautiful but DUMB! :groan: Paris Hilton's glowing complexion and super-slight figure? Sleep in your make-up, don't go to bed...
  16. Asma


    Blue,50 Cent and G-Unit to Dubai in September..... horrrayyyyy!!:cool: 50 Cent and G-unit in the dubai country club and Blue in the Dubai Media City....i will post the dates soon cuz i am not sure about the exact dates.. when will christina show up here in dubai? :(
  17. Asma


    hey :) last i reached my 2500th! i would like to thank you all for making this place more enjoyable ,ok ok the dedication :D...this goes out to:- Andy-Fabiana-Lilianna-Vicky-Graham-Don Bes-Pendir-Blackmint-River-Poku-Jessica-Erik-Nina-Leeeeech-Gogeta-Zlatan-Sallyinzaghi-Fred...
  18. Asma

    "The Arabic Juve Thread... Reloaded!!"

    hi everyone.. this is the new arab juve thread,the thread will contain discussions about the arab culture and countries.. :) if you wish to speak about arab football u may go to the "Misc Soccer" and discuss the arab leagues there.....Chit-chats and gossip are not allowed.. English is the...
  19. Asma

    Ray Charles's Death :down:

    Ray Charles Remembered As an Innovator BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) - As Ray Charles played and sang, his stiffly swaying shoulders suggested some invisible tug of war between a devil and an angel. Charles, who died Thursday at age 73, was a musical innovator who combined the rollicking ``bad...
  20. Asma

    1000 posts in 6 months!!

    i have been in the forums for exactly 6 months,i have really enjoyed it here with most of you,i dont like to talk alot so,i am gonna type the names of the members whom i would like to dedicate this to only..... 1-Majed<words cant express how much u mean to me,so,i am just gonna say thnx...