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  1. Kate

    Rock and Voll All Nite: The Mafia Strikes the Music Industry

    It was nearing the end of the year-long farewell tour of the world-famous band Fecal Samatar. Klin, the guitarist, had been having a massive disagreement with their drummer, Zacheryah over protein supplements which was looking like it was going to end with someone's head smashed into the bass...
  2. Kate

    Mafia Sign Up / Round 2

    A few people have mentioned wanting to play again, and as the summer is the perfect season for it, why not? I would aim at starting at the beginning of next week (Sunday or Monday). So who would want to be in?
  3. Kate

    A Blame of Thrones: Mafia Game

    A Blame of Thrones : Castle Tuz is under siege! Ser Salvo sat astride his destrier, white shoes glistening in the winter sun, surveying the ruins of his most recent acquisition, Castle Tuz. This war had been a long campaign and the majority of the castle’s inhabitants had died of...
  4. Kate

    Mafia: Trouble in DheeWorld

    r On the morning of July 21st, the gates of DheeWorld opened early. To the police, that is. The waterpark had been doing well lately, what with the new dolphin exhibition and owner Sheik Yerbouti’s recent marriage to billionaire heiress of the Happy Dolphin tuna canning business, Bezzy. What...
  5. Kate

    SHEEP, v. 2.0

    In this version, please send your answers to me in a PM. You have until 6:00pm EST time. Here are the questions: 1. You are stranded on a deserted island. Which ’tuz member do you decide to bring along? 2. Who is the weirdest person on ’tuz? 3. Who has the longest dong? 4. You have...
  6. Kate

    Mafia: The Tuz-seidon Adventure

    The Tuz-seidon Adventure Klin and Bezzy had been packing their bags for weeks, excited about their upcoming cruise on the SS Tuz-seidon. Bezzy had won tickets in a wet t-shirt competition (narrowly beating out SABSAB because of her tendency to wear all of her football tops at once, creating...
  7. Kate


    Can anyone recommend me something to listen to? A lot of you know what I like, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, The Jam, Depeche Mode, motown/60s shit, 80s pop, what have you. Just looking for something new and different... Likewise if other people are looking for recommendations, fire away.
  8. Kate

    Happy 15k to Me

    I had thought that I would do one of these for 15k, as 15 is my number, but it kind of came and went. So in the wake of this week's disappointment, here's some more. Thanks to all of the lovely people who make this place what it is. When I joined, I never thought I'd stay, but here we are...
  9. Kate

    Best Abs - 2012

    Vote for Dusan.
  10. Kate

    Best Moderator - 2012

    Vote for me :money:
  11. Kate

    Most Awesome Member of the Year - 2012

  12. Kate

    Most Informed Poster (General Knowledge) - 2012

  13. Kate

    Best Female Poster - 2012

    Vote for me.
  14. Kate

    Best Poster of the Year - 2012

  15. Kate

    Funniest Member of the Year - 2012

  16. Kate

    Best Guru - 2012

  17. Kate

    Most Helpful Member - 2012

  18. Kate

    Most Informed (Football) Member - 2012

  19. Kate

    Best Newcomer - 2012

    Vote, fools.
  20. Kate

    End of Year Poll Nominations 2012

    Because people seem to like this, and as Aaron said "it's tradition", here is a thread for end of year "award" nominations. Prizes could include, but are not limited to, access to the NATW thread, an IP ban, or naked photos of the member of your choice. No guarantees, though. Until last year...