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  1. rainhard

    Marko Pjaca

    Pretty similar goal with CR7 goal
  2. rainhard

    Fabio Paratici

    Its triple P, triple play I bet we will get 6 points from Genoa this season, while they put 200% against other big team than us to at least getting a draw and help our scudetto run It is already in unwritted clause for all of these loan We need more team to do this, my suggestion : Sassuolo...
  3. rainhard

    Edin Džeko - Wolfsburg - ST

    Age is just a number for both of players
  4. rainhard


    He looks disappointed, I think Pirlo looking for workrate and presence (Rabiot + Kennie) and Ramsey as the creative midfielder
  5. rainhard

    Dejan Kulusevski

    Kulu first touch is not better than Dybala but he survived. Kulu first touch basically is one of the worst in Serie A, but his body movement in keeping the ball makes it for him Watching his parma's game, his strengths are his precision shooting to far post and his vision in through pass I even...
  6. rainhard

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Yeah he ruined the team gameplay but he score goals, it really irritating if he does that and not score any goals
  7. rainhard

    Weston McKennie

    True, I really think the comparison of Kennie with Davids watching the game And think he is missing that aggressive run from Davids in him, but Kennie is still young and have exciting future ahead of him I think he is more like Vidal, in term of destroy opponent gameplay
  8. rainhard

    Aaron Ramsey

    Ramsey is great but the question is can he keep fit and not get injured
  9. rainhard

    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 3-0 Sampdoria [September 20th, 2020]

    They play Sarriball under Pirlo, it is the irony Maybe it is about the charm of the coach more
  10. rainhard

    Moise Kean

    We are cheap now, we only want with option because we only need him as backup and not take the option Sent from my RMX1921 using Tapatalk
  11. rainhard

    Paulo Dybala

    Mid october from news that circulated
  12. rainhard

    Gonzalo Higuaín

    But we will be in better position today, if we get Dzeko instead of Higuain in the first place We will save that 90m + difference on wages between Dzeko and Higuain
  13. rainhard

    Serie A 2020-21

    Hellas Verona have officially announced the signing of Andrea Favilli, on loan with an option to buy from Genoa. The 23-year-old centre-forward moves on loan until June 30, 2021, and Verona have the option to make the signing permanent next summer. Favilli moved to the Grifoni for a total of...
  14. rainhard

    Marko Pjaca

    Hopefully he get his momentum there and have a season like Kulu have at Parma last season
  15. rainhard

    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Yes , that's us. we are the old lady
  16. rainhard

    Andrea Pirlo

    If we get Dzeko, the best formation will be 4-2-3-1 with CR7 - Dybala - Kulu behind Dzeko
  17. rainhard

    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    If we get both Suarez and Dzeko, then get rid MDS to whatever club for 10m+some bonus. Then think it this way We get Suarez for free, and get Dzeko by swap him with MDS. If you are think this way, you will feel that both transfer are so great. Just ignore their age, because they will only here...
  18. rainhard

    Andrea Pirlo

    I think he will think if it were him that will be so easy to do that. And he will have a hard time to find "the player" who can do what he can do Sent from my RMX1921 using Tapatalk
  19. rainhard

    Douglas Costa

    I will take Thiago for 30m. And somewhere I read Paratici reject 30m offer for Costa. That could be straight swap by selling Costa then buying Thiago Sent from my RMX1921 using Tapatalk
  20. rainhard

    Douglas Costa

    Thiago already accept Liverpool. It is nearly done there. Only medical left maybe? Sent from my RMX1921 using Tapatalk