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  1. epitaph

    The most hated team in the world!

  2. epitaph

    Match Day Meeting [Juventus Fan Club Malaysia]

    Juventus Fan Club Malaysia is inviting Juventus fans from all over Malaysia to attend a football live match meeting at Gazebo food court center in Subang, Selangor, for the 1st leg of the quarter-final UEFA Champions League football match between Liverpool and Juventus on 6.4.2005 at 2.00 am...
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    Juventus Fan Club Malaysia (FORUM)

    Guys, my friend just created a forum for Juventus Fan Club Malaysia We're facing some difficulties to find a right skin for this forum. If you guys know where can i find a suitable skin for my forum (especially the skin color, i prefer if it can be black &...
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    General Meeting for Juventus Fan Club Malaysia

    General Meeting For All Serie A Suppoters organized by Juventus Fan Club Malaysia --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Venue: California Pizza Kitchen (Suria KLCC) Date: 20th February 2005 Time: 1400 - 1700 Futsal Friendly with...
  5. epitaph

    Juventus Malaysian Fan Club We Need Your Help

    Greetings fellow Juventinis, We at Juventus Malaysian Fan Club need some help from you. Actually we need to know how can we get the recognitions and authorizations from Juventus to start our own Fan Club (legally) here in Malaysia. Actually Sally (SallyInzaghi), she called Juventus HQ in...
  6. epitaph

    Robinho, we need this guy!

    It would be great if JUVE can adopt this guy. Let me tell you why! Robinho is a striker with electrifying dribbling skills and has already been compared to the likes of Garrincha and Pele and Pele has even said that Robinho might well overshadow him one day. Robinho himself puts his ball...
  7. epitaph

    The most hated team in the world!

    There's a thread in The most hated team in the world! well Juve is in the top 5 I guess! I dont know why they came out with this threas but obviously we're in their list! So guys what the hell r u waiting for?Let me know what u think and let us know which team/s u hate the most...
  8. epitaph

    CL: Juventus - Deportivo

    9 March 2004. What can we expect from out beloved Juventus in this crucial game! We need more than luck this time! Come on I know we can! What do you think guys? Say something will ya!?
  9. epitaph

    pink jersey!!whats wrong with it??

    For some years Juventus founders wore pink shirts - the same ones they wore when they started in 1900. The change to the black and white colours was made in 1903 after a wrong shipment was sent from England where the new strip was to be made. there's nothing worng about the colour of the...
  10. epitaph

    Treble anyone??

    Champions League, Scudetto and Copa Italia?? Who can stop us??Deportivo??Milan and Roma??Lazio??Come on guys tell me what do u think abpout that??