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  1. Ticket Info

    Anybody know where I could find info on getting tickets for matches in the US?(I doubt there will be any in Canada:( ) No Im not talking MLS :dazed::groan::p More like the Europeen teams who will be comming across the pond... Thanks
  2. New jersey numbers?(no not the state :) )

    Since Italy have had the new Puma jerseys have some of the numbers changed? I was checkingthis site and it said that Zambro has #17...what happend to #19? Anyone who may have a site with the official numbers? Thanks i advance
  3. How do they do it....

    Their bloody hair.... :D Have you guys ever notice that team Italy players always have practicly perfect hair for a whole 90 minute game? Do they have a hair dresser in back or something? What's all this about, do they have some great secrets or do I just suck at doing mine:D
  4. Nicest Jersey

    Which team do you think had the nicest Jersey? Personnaly I like Lazio's, as well as Juve's and Ajax's
  5. Pontus Farnerud

    Anyone have info on this guy? I saw him play for a bit once and I thought he was pretty good(especially because hes only 22) I know he went to the WC but was benched the whole time