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  1. Kuffour?

    And it is clear that ICEBLU isnt the most intelligent person if he thinks that wanting to keep juve-juve is the same as being a racist, poor u, i would actually say that you are the racist now iceblu!
  2. Kuffour?

    Ok its a misunderstoodment, my intention wasnt to insult, but what is all this "brother" thing?...
  3. Kuffour?

    How was i suppose to know he was muslim?, and yes i shouldnt have used so many yuks, but the way it was formulated made it look like the way i said, thats why i though it was :yuk:
  4. Soon to be official: Mutu to Juve

    Gilardino has Juve in his heart not Roma, the reason for why he wants to join them is because he has seen that Juve is not going to buy him, so its obvious that he takes Roma as a good second choice..
  5. Kuffour?

    Okay now im really pissed off by this crap its not my fault that your brain didnt understood my explanation, so ill try again: I highlited it red to make my answer clear. He said "plus he's muslim", and said so probably to provocate, anyhow as you probably figured out from my answer i dont...
  6. Kuffour?

    You asked me to answer nosubstitute959, and i have, so if you still dont understand it or dont believe it, then okay so what, just calm down
  7. Kuffour?

    Then maybe you MCPIERO could explain why you mentioned him as a plus that he was muslim, its okay for me, i only dont see it as a plus. Thats why i marked it red to make it clear. Is it a more plus to be a muslim than any other nation, is that what you think since you mentioned it? :dontcare:
  8. Kuffour?

    You should first of all watch your mouth, you are only after to provocate me!, but im aware of it now so i dont care about you.
  9. Jankulovski finally signs??

    Nothing is free.
  10. Jankulovski finally signs??

    I think it is a good deal, not much at all, but i simply cant see what use there is for him. Zambrotta is best as a LB and Capello insists that he will continue to be a LB end of story. Use the money on Bonera.
  11. Jankulovski finally signs??

    I though you wanted more signings Zlatan, but is that also wrong now?
  12. Knee surgery for Totti?

    I didnt knew he was muslim, by the way a very serious answer from you!:rolleyes:
  13. Knee surgery for Totti?

    Well im with Totti, he is always under focus and provocation, no wonder why he has lost his head sometimes and done stupid thigs, for what i have seen of him on Italian TV/shows (which is alot) he is a very nice and down to earth person. And how can you know that Totti really said so about...
  14. Knee surgery for Totti?

    you could ask fred weasly the same question while your on it!, I only said my opinion, and there is no doubt that Totti has got an unfair and wrong reputation!
  15. Knee surgery for Totti?

    That just reveals the hole problem, people/foreigners gets a totally wrong picture of players through the media, if you think Totti is more arrogant than Henry or the worst of all: Zidane, then you havent understood a thing!
  16. Thank god!

    Well its not excellent news if we cant find replacements, its more matches this season so we need a full squad.
  17. 24

    I didnt say it was good, just watchable and fun. If you like 24 then dont even try to make fun of Pacific Blue, because everything is better than 24.
  18. Lacking Skill?

    A good post by alex, and it is true some of your points. But i dont agree that it is because of the players, DP, Mutu, Nedved, Camoranesi are all creative and technical players. The problem is the style/philosopy. Juve has recently been well organized and with dicipline, and hard physical...
  19. Soon to be official: Mutu to Juve

    I would wait to sign him permanent, maybe Gilardino is easier to get next summer or something.
  20. Kuffour?

    :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: oh yeah thats a really big plus :yuck: