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  1. Serie A 2002/2003 Stats

    Where can I find Juve's squad stats (Goals scored, Caps, etc.) in Serie A 2002/2003 ? Grazie.
  2. Zambrotta

    Anyone have Zambrotta's wallpapers in Juve's jersey (1024x768) ? Can't seem to find it anywhere ... :down: :confused: I only have one of him in Azzurri jersey. If you do pleeze give me a link or mail it to [email protected] ... THANKS :cool: !
  3. The Cure !

    Any Cure fan here :confused: ... feel free posting everything about the greatest band on earth here :cool: !
  4. Hello from Jakarta

    Hi all, I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia and great to be here with all Juventus fans from around the world :thumb: !!!