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  1. Patrik Schick

    That's not really a good comparison, because financially we can get him..Bono is gone and money for Schick can be saved.. could happen. Don't think it will, but it could.
  2. Patrik Schick

    I don't really care if he comes or not... but I would have preferred we won't buy him, and instead go all out for Sanchez - 60-70M and a 7.5M salary.
  3. Patrik Schick

    You jynxed him by putting him in the Player discussion... I don't get it - he hasn't signed so why is he here?
  4. Patrik Schick

    Yeah I'm just trolling. but I do have a bad feeling about this.
  5. Patrik Schick

    Mild arrhythmia. he's not coming.