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  1. I know yous hate me going on about LFC but what can I say? Harry Kewell

    Oh Harry Kewell, Harry Harry Harry Kewell, Harry Harry Harry Kewell, kewell, Oh Harry Kewell , Harry Harry Harry Kewell I am over the moon with this signing he is one of the best players around and for such a cheap price. what do you guys think of him as a player? sorry for going on...
  2. I wrote a tribute to Marc Vivien Foe and its gone

    has it been deleted? Why?
  3. Trio in permanent Juve move

    Juventus FC have paid a total of €21.5m to sign Marco Di Vaio, Mauro Camoranesi and Enzo Maresca on a permanent basis. Mauro Camoranesi in UEFA Champions League action Shared registration The Italian champions previously shared the registration of the three players with...
  4. What is the best team you have ever seen?

    for me I would have to say Liverpool 2001, We had a great side and won a treble. bare in mind i am only 20 so for me that team was the best, juve have had some great sides, as have real madrid, but what is the best team you have ever seen?
  5. Who will win euro 2004

    England what a team apart from the goalkeeper James (west ham) G.Neville R.Ferdinand S.Campbell A.Cole (Man utd) (man utd) (arsenal) (arsenal) D.Beckham(c)...
  6. joan laporta he's definately up there with the Iraqi Foreign Minister fella

    He has blagged his way to president at one of the biggest football clubs in the world by saying he is going to sign the captain of the euro 2004 champions. david beckham, beckham wont go to barca, in my opinion barca would be a better move for beckham then madrid but beckham will go to real...
  7. what can you tell me about Manuele Blasi

    being english and more of an admirer then a supporter (im a liverpool fan) of juve what can you tell me about your new player, for example who did he play for? how old is he? is he a good player?
  8. Any one else watch big brother in any other countries

    I watch the uk version. fredereco is a juve supporter.
  9. which is the best title to post a thred in?

    which is the most popular title?
  10. can you kick it like roberto baggio? what a player he was does anyone have any real life memories of this truley great player? play the game as well, how many can you score in 5 mins? youll never walk alone
  11. Do Juve have a sister club?

    liverpool have two sister clubs in crew alexandra and le harve basicaly we have first option on any of there young players and in return we offer them players to loan who arent ready for the first team. have juve got a sister club and do yous think this is a good idea?
  12. As juve fans what do yous think about henry

    henry is a great player do you feel gutted that juve sold him or do you not like him anyway?
  13. who is your greatest player ever?

    doesnt have to be a juve player, heres mine Zidane
  14. Looks like Ronaldinho is on his way to man utd,,1860-1093040,00.html he would have been a good signing for juve.
  15. Juve, Juve, Juve

    Is this better? I like juve, i will agree to not mention liverpool so much, i apologise, i do feel your words are a little harsh because this actual heading is misc... does that not mean you can talk about any football topic??? and alex, considering you are a moderator i feel your outburst...
  16. yo alex waaasssssssssuuuuuuuppppppppp

    seen as though your the only other browser waaaaaaaaaaassssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppppp
  17. Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool

    some one just asked me to open a thread called Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool so here we go what are your comments on my great club?