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  1. Elvin

    [Supercoppa Italiana] JUVENTUS 1-0 Milan [January 16th, 2019]

    No matter the prestige it's always nice to see your captain lifting an official trophy! Forza Juve!
  2. Elvin

    Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    I hate Donnarumma so much. Takes ages to play the fuckin ball and acts like he's the shit.
  3. Elvin

    [Supercoppa Italiana] JUVENTUS 1-0 Milan [January 16th, 2019]

    I guess the rule is that Supercoppa shall be played between a Serie A champion and a Coppa representative (so even a club from lower leagues, potentially).
  4. Elvin


    Seems so simple.
  5. Elvin

    Aaron Ramsey - CM/AM - Arsenal

    It's a classic Juve transfer -- good free player who needs new motivation and better environment.
  6. Elvin

    Premier League 2018/19

    Not just talking about last game tho. He has made some incredible saves as well.
  7. Elvin

    The Financial Situation

    Me? I know :sad:
  8. Elvin

    [Supercoppa Italiana] JUVENTUS 1-0 Milan [January 16th, 2019]

    I know right, at least let the 2nd in the league play it ffs, they over-performed 18 other teams. Milan is just sad. PS but what do we care? The lamer the opponent the better, let's fuck 'em up! PSS Here's some additional incentive: as of now, we're tied with Milan in overall number of...
  9. Elvin

    The Financial Situation

    The denims are fine tho. Wish I could afford those jeans.
  10. Elvin

    Bundesliga 2018/19

    da fuuuck ))
  11. Elvin

    [Coppa Italia] Bologna 0-2 JUVENTUS [January 12th, 2018]

    Book it, we're getting one of Atalanta/Cagliari. #jinxforaliving
  12. Elvin

    Gonzalo Higuaín

    Not that much, c'mon. Inzaghi did better for us and we kinda love to hate him too.
  13. Elvin

    Premier League 2018/19

    If we can somehow poach De Gea, I will die of over-wanking.
  14. Elvin

    [Supercoppa Italiana] JUVENTUS 1-0 Milan [January 16th, 2019]

    I'm almost 100% sure MDS will start.
  15. Elvin

    The Financial Situation So here it is - the first ever :J: fashion collection.
  16. Elvin

    Bundesliga 2018/19

    What trophy? German league cup?
  17. Elvin

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    He scores like 1 in 1000 attempts lol
  18. Elvin

    Coppa Italia 2018/19

    Wow if we somehow lose Supercoppa to this Meelan, I will punch myself.
  19. Elvin

    Massimiliano Allegri

    Yeah, kinda makes sense, I guess.