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  1. Antonio Conte

    He is their coach, what are people expecting him to say? He should not have taken the job at all. Unless he starts some seruous shit talking about us, what he says now does not matter.
  2. Antonio Conte

    As much I dislike him, his star is there for what he did for Juve, not for other teams.
  3. Antonio Conte

    Now that you mentioned him. The only consolation after Conte left and we got Allegri was not getting Mihajlovic. I would have stopped following this club.
  4. Antonio Conte

    This is getting better and better Lel
  5. Antonio Conte

    The fuck?
  6. Antonio Conte

    SKY have been shit the past two seasons, they denied the Ronaldo rumours until the 3 days before it became official.
  7. Antonio Conte

    I have no idea who to believe. I just want Pep.
  8. Antonio Conte

    Who the fuck are we getting then?
  9. Antonio Conte

    Exactly. Hard workers with no talent whatsoever, but who can defend.
  10. Antonio Conte

    Not bad at all.
  11. Antonio Conte

    We have changed 8 out of 11 players since he left, Bonucci was the 9th but we preserved what he left us?
  12. Antonio Conte

    The fucking irony. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. Antonio Conte

    :tup: Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. Antonio Conte

    Just recently I have found the pics on my PC. [emoji38]
  15. Antonio Conte

  16. Antonio Conte

    It would be funny to see Mertens bench all those big CF they have. :D
  17. Antonio Conte

  18. Antonio Conte

    I love Conte but.. :seven:
  19. Antonio Conte

    I know it doesn't make sense buy i am angry
  20. Antonio Conte

    He fucked up majorly with zaza