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  1. Europa League 2018/19

    Unless Pep or Klopp quit, City and Liverpool will remain contenders in EPL and CL beyond this year. Others like United, Tottenham, Chelsea will get raided and won’t be in CL QF next year. Especially if Bayern and Real go all out in the summer.
  2. Europa League 2018/19

    EPL clubs will come back down to earth once the two Spanish clubs raid them once again and take players like Pogba, Hazard, and Eriksen.
  3. Europa League 2018/19

    How long before ADL says: Ramsey begged to come to Napoli but I didn’t want him.
  4. Europa League 2018/19

    Inter......."anti-Juve" :lol: "#JuveOut" :lol:
  5. Europa League 2018/19

    The third UEFA competition should be made up of clubs that were relegated in each league in the previous season. Then the winner gets into CL group stage in pot 1.