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  1. sgjuveboy

    Italian Fullbacks

    Hi guys, Let's analyse the worrying trend of lack of quality Italian fullbacks. And who could we purchase. Gone are the days of Zambrotta. Looking at the quality of Italian fullbacks now is shocking. If we wanna purchase an Italian fullback, then we are definitely not going to be able to...
  2. sgjuveboy

    Helping you guys to get the players' signatures.

    Hi guys, Juve is coming to my country to play a friendly after the world cup in August! I will get to meet the players like llorente, buffon and tevez. I am willing to help you guys get them to sign on a jersey/ball and mail it individually to your address. Do tell me which player's...
  3. sgjuveboy

    Wayne Rooney - Manchester United

    An English footballer who plays as a striker. Has high work rate.