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  1. edgardavids2608

    Betting (not Vcash)

    So I know alot of people like to gamble and was wanting to ope this thread for people discussing the games of the week according to the lines and which game slook good.
  2. edgardavids2608

    Juve songs

    I was wondering if anyone knew any of the juventus songs and how they can be downloaded...also can someone help me translate this song. Inno Ufficiale JUVE, JUVE, o cara squadra senza età... JUVE, JUVE, cara gloriosa società.... Mille bandiere bianconere intorno a noi, ci fan sentire...
  3. edgardavids2608

    Hey im new to Juventuz

    Hey everyone I am new to the forum. I have been on the forum for a long time but i mainly read what everyone has to say. I've decided to start posting officially. About me and how I became a Juve fan:My grandparents started me watching soccer from a young age. Them being from Holland I loved...