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  1. steveivy


    can anyone help me 2 change this song into JPG,GIF or PNG format?please~~
  2. steveivy


    anybody here likes Aimar???:extatic::extatic: (btw,dont tell me we have a similar thread b4?????:groan:)
  3. steveivy


    anyone can help me DLthe background music????pleazzzzzzeeeeeee:frown:
  4. steveivy


    when u first time saw her/him,which food u think can stand 4 her/him: A.candy floss B.chewing gum C.chocolate D.cookie E.brioche F.roti
  5. steveivy


    dont know is it the right place to post this thread,just want more ppl watch it n tell me what's happen i havent seen vits 4 many months,i know something bad happened 2 her,how is she now????i reallly miss n worried about her!!!reallly terrible!!alex, erik n anyone else please telll me...
  6. steveivy

    it's 0:11 now....

    happy valentine's day~~~~:heart::party::kiss:
  7. steveivy

    what u c???

  8. steveivy

    eery story

    some ppl somewhen somewhere told me:do not look at the mirror at 12am when u r alone... do u know sth about these eery rule???share it:cheesy:
  9. steveivy

    do not come in

    :groan:i told u not come in:groan::groan::fero::fero:now u c how boring i am:D
  10. steveivy


    ahahaha:D:D:D~~~this is not 4 me ,it's 4 our dude------------------>>>>>>djjjjeeeeeeee(don't thank me:D) welllllll let's take it~~~~~Congrats dj~~~~:D:D:thumb:
  11. steveivy

    3 worst actress

    my list: Jennifer Lopez Britney Spears Madonna n ur list is???
  12. steveivy

    2 fast 2 furious

    i love it because there are many cheesy boyz n girlz:D:extatic::drool::lick:
  13. steveivy

    The most pretty dress

    hey,guys.this is a thread for the most pretty dress.....:D
  14. steveivy


    hi.everybody. this is a thread for skateboarding,BMX and more hope u like it.:cool: