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  1. Champions League 2019/20

    Atalanta looked tired but PSG have very fast attackers, Neymar is a monster when dribbling but his finishing was whack.
  2. Andrea Pirlo

    So Pirlo is tasked with getting us scudetto number 10 in a row and getting us deep in the CL. All I will say is that we have a handsome coach to complement our handsome players.
  3. Mauricio Pochettino and other coaches

    My opinion of the final performance was like every important game Spurs play, they never deliver. FA Cup is a big deal and Spurs haven't had a sniff since Hoddle was playing.
  4. Mauricio Pochettino and other coaches

    Conte will crash out of the Europa League, I can't see him taking us forward.
  5. Mauricio Pochettino and other coaches

    Poch and Sarri and the same level, we need better.
  6. Mauricio Pochettino and other coaches

    And that Spurs performance in the final was pathetic. No FA Cups, maybe one Carling Cup but nothing more. I can't think of how many cup finals he's been in. Sack Sarri for an Allegri level guy, not another Sarri level. Go for a coach then back him because this squad needs a clear out.
  7. Mauricio Pochettino and other coaches

    Fact: Sarri is more successful than Poch.
  8. Maurizio Sarri

    Sarri is gone. Many happy people here....until his replacement is announced
  9. [CL] JUVENTUS vs Lyon [August 7th, 2020]

    I'm not surprised because like throughout the season we look poor in attack and that only Ronaldo and Dybala can do anything for us. Costa always injured, no assists from midfield, it is what it is. Kulusevski and Arthur will give plenty more goals and assists than Pjanic and Bernard.
  10. [CL] JUVENTUS vs Lyon [August 7th, 2020]

    Our subs finished the game, nothing created after that and I lost all hope when Dybala went off leaving the invisible man/choker Higuain on to somehow score.
  11. [CL] JUVENTUS vs Lyon [August 7th, 2020]

    Higuain and Bernard can pack their bags
  12. [CL] JUVENTUS vs Lyon [August 7th, 2020]

    Our bench if we're chasing the game: Ramsey, Dybala and Danilo to move Cuadrado up to wing. Matuidi.
  13. [CL] JUVENTUS vs Lyon [August 7th, 2020]

    Sarri was being humble, saying anything else would be seen as arrogant. Factually Lyon are whack in their league, we just become champions for the 9th time in a row but only the Special One Jose has the balls to say that.
  14. [CL] JUVENTUS vs Lyon [August 7th, 2020]

    I never watch Lyon but are they a 3-5-2 team? That's a defensive team ready to pounce on the counter. Are they like Lazio or Inter's version of 3-5-2?
  15. Massimiliano Allegri

    Bro, this is off topic but I'll say that before you can make such statements know what 'Islam' and 'Muslim' means plus what context you say 'developed', some of the financially developed countries like China are not developed in other ways. Anyway, Allegri is at his best point so he will be...
  16. Massimiliano Allegri

    No. People haven't seen Islam for at least 100 years, it's a political buzz word. Is Islam holding back black people back in America because all I see is that white people can't tolerate people who have a darker shade of skin than them?
  17. [CL] JUVENTUS vs Lyon [August 7th, 2020]

    It's in our DNA to win when we're heavy underdogs but lose to significantly weaker teams.
  18. Aid Adha Mobarak Saiiiiiiiid !!!!!!!

    Eid Mubarak all. God would not ask you.
  19. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Milik is thoroughly mediocre
  20. Champions League 2019/20

    My point was that teams like Atalanta and City have an attacking chance because they are free scoring but their weakness is defence, the other end of the spectrum is Atletico who if they take the lead can hold out and take the win like they did against Liverpool also by being clinical. We should...