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  1. juvefan

    Are Juve Throwing Away Their Youth?

    I read this article from and find it could be an interesting discussion here. I will quote what James Gisone said in here: from So, what do you guy think?
  2. juvefan

    Have some question about the bonus given to Capello.....

    I don't know which forum should I post this question. It's about the bonus payment to the coach. I just think of some idea. Usually when the team win the champion we'll have to pay bonus to the coach, right? But now they ripped our last two titles away, can Juventus do anything about this?
  3. juvefan

    Any news about our new stadium?

    I remember the last 2 or 3 year that our new stadium is on progressing. Any update on it?
  4. juvefan

    Who's Lorenzo Spagnoli????? it said on the bottom of the page "Lorenzo Spagnoli, one of the winners of the tv show ‘Campioni’, will join the squad too." and what is "Campioni" about ?
  5. juvefan

    Camoranesi, WHAT WRONG WITH HIM???

    :down::down::down::down: At first, he is so impressive. He have so much creation, skill. But now did u see him play now???????? :fero: SO SUCK He really did nothing, can't even pass the ball like he can. so what u guy think? is he still be in juve next season?
  6. juvefan

    Goal Video !

    Hi ! I want this thread to be all about goal video. Anyone who find the link of cool/juventus 's goal you can put it here. So it will be easy for everyone. : This is the 2 goal from the Super Coppa Italia cup (2 alex's...
  7. juvefan

    Just suppose, if Trezeguet get a long injury.....

    This season, Juventus still have 1 reliable striker(Trezguet) If he got a injury. What will we do. Why Moggi didn't sign any striker????? :fero:
  8. juvefan

    Marco Rigoni, Where is he now?

    Last 2 or 3 year ago, he is so impressive to be new Roby Baggio. But now where is he? I didn't hear anything about him.