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  1. [Serie A] Juventus - Udinese

    Hey, if we all cry for creativity then why not start this, blasi, emerson and olivera in midfield with del piero behind Zlatan and Trez. But our real problem lies in the midfield. I like the idea of 5 in the midfiel so why not put blasi, emerson and tach as a base 3 in front of the usual...
  2. !!!!!!!!!!Official Mutu is from Juve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Majed, I like your point, actually I really like your second point. To expand on that, honestly I just cannot see Moggi NOT cashing in on Trez and going elsewhere to find someone else to replace him. Cassano may be Spain, but I do not think so. My gut feeling is that the Mutu acquisition is a...
  3. !!!!!!!!!!Official Mutu is from Juve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This will sound crazy, but it isn't. If the rumour of Cassano somewhat holds water after this season you can bet the both Trez and Zalayeta will both be gone. DP will stay (hence Ferrara) and we could very well have Mutu, Zlatan and Cassano. Should this happen just watch our midfile get much...
  4. [CL] Juventus - Djurgarden

    I have no idea I just stuck him there. I was not even thinking about that.
  5. [CL] Juventus - Djurgarden

    Alright, I've followed the game on the forum and read brief reports. Mostly everyone here wants a 3 man midfield with Nedved playing just behind the strikers. Personally I would like to see this for next game...
  6. We need .... (general transfer discussion thread)

    Thats right because maybe Capello knows something we don't. Who knows how well that backline will work? For all we know two out of three of those mentioned could end up like Legro. Just think how well they will be in CL play? It is just a thought.
  7. MOST probably transfer for JUVE

    Here is a question? If we have Maresca and Blasi who is now back with us, how could we use these two players. Would this be effective or not.
  8. Capello's Juve

    I'm tempted to put out my line-up, but I'll hold out for a little later and wait for everything to settle down. No matter what Nedved will not be behind the forwards, but rather on the left where he should be. Hoping Capello knows better than to make the same mistake as Lippi.
  9. Quaresma Avaliable or Do We Want to Talk About Kaka and C. Ronaldo?

    Imagine bye bye Trez for Queresma? We could use him and Barca and Trez want each other. Just let it be then.
  10. Surprise!!!!!!! 2-2

    There is only one person to blame for this and that is Trap. Sorry, but there is no excuse for losing with the squad you have, not to mention the players left behind at home. I mean I don't think Trap had any idea what he was doing. This whole 4-2-3-1 thing was started by Lippi, wasn't it...
  11. Euro 2004: Italy - Sweden (Group C)

    Ok after seeing both games today, Sweden looks good, but I am not worried. Although Trap is hell bent to use this 4-2-3-1 I for one would like to see this. Feel free to comment and give your opinions...
  12. Euro 2004: Italy - Denmark (Group C)

    I'm not sure I agree with some of these ratings, but Del Piero absolutely deserves a better rating than Cassano at LEAST!! Ask yourself did Cassano really play better? Those who say we shouldn't change formation are right simply because we have stuck with this one for so long. The REAL problem...
  13. Fabio Cannavaro

    Heres my opinion on Cannavaro......just get him over here!! Think about he was playing for Inter what more can I say?! I mean we all joked how to make a great player average just send him to inter, right? Look we need a balanced team for now and the future. I think he would be excellent for...
  14. The management

    The moment Appiah joined us he was regarded as Davids replacement. We expected too much out of him and like it or not Lippi had other ideas that perhaps did not include him. Legro? who knows maybe someone like Capello will actually open a whole new door for him and he could be great, too soon...
  15. Capello to Juve: a contradiction?

    How about this for a thought. Capello could be very good for bringing young players (yeah yeah we all know that so nothing new). What I mean how good could this be for lets say Kapo? Maresca? or even Micco. We all don't like Cassano very much but have to admit he has played well this season...
  16. Emerson Once Again !

    Wow ww're gong to give Roma some needed cash so they can go further in debt and best of all they are probably going to get the player we want i.e Mexes and Ferrari to name a couple.
  17. SERIE A: Juventus - AC Milan

    This game is going to be entertaining and interesting. I mean this player is injured, that player is injured and so is that one I am just wondering who the hell Lippi is going to pick? Not to mentioned suspensions? Oh man we might even see youngsters playing for once and just...
  18. Fomation you think Should be against Depo!

    Hmm, I'm tempeted to play with this formation only because we need the win by what two goals providing we don't conceded any so it would be a 4-3-3. Even this formation I'm not too crazy about...
  19. Monaco’s Squillaci is eyeing a move to Juventus

    Unless we are able to sell Thuram then he won't be playing in the center again and someone younger and faster will be there instead.
  20. Solutions Anyone?

    I think Moggi does care about our defense, but this is where he went wrong. He probably already has some kind of plan in place for next season and tried to get one more season out of our current defense and was sadly wrong. Either way he gambled a little too much.