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  1. Tak!

    New logo

    The new logo, any thoughts? Looks cheap to me. Something I would find on misprinted pants supposed to be knock off Adidas pants. Very curious why we went with this, anyone who knows? Also, I don't want to spend forever to find the bloody logo to download from the webpage. We're not exactly...
  2. Tak!

    Luis Muriel

    Full name: Luis Muriel Position: Forward Age: 20 Birth Date: April 18, 1991 Height: 1.78m Weight: ? kg Place of birth: Santo Tomás, Colombia Luis Fernando Muriel Fruto (born 18 April 1991 in Santo Tomás, Atlantico) is a Colombian footballer. He currently plays for Lecce (owned by Udinese)...
  3. Tak!

    Help, I don't want to get ripped off, or something

    I don't really know where to ask this and I was looking for some short answers. I'm right currently selling some of my old stuff and one of 'em is a guitar. However before I go to the store and see if they want to buy it back I want to make sure I don't get completely ripped of. I bought it...