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    Prophet Muhammad ( may Allah exalt him and grant him peace) mentioned in the Bible

    PART1 PART2 Watch and discuss.
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    Poulsen and Grygera, fake or real? Looks like another fake news from a hacker, but would be great if it's true. :mark:
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    Luis Felipe

    Deportivo wingback!!! Sky says he could be a done deal in the next hours! Lets wait and see:mark: source: j1897, sky,tuttosport
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    Gaetano D'Agostino Says that D'Agostino to Juventus is a done deal.. Waiting for more officiall news before we can say if the news are to be taking seriuos.
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    call of duty world at war

    Realese on friday.. Nov 16. Great game, im buying to my ps3! Anyone getting it to?:flag3:
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    Close all threads( not reserv keeper threads) With Poulsen our transfer activity is essentially over. Now we are just missing a second choice goalkeeper,” said Ranieri from their Pinzolo pre-season training camp. “I am very happy with the results and thank the club for having...
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    Criscito and Olivera to Genoa

    CALCIOMERCATO, GENOA: PRESI CRISCITO E OLIVERA Mar 1 Gen 2008 19:26:22 Un gradito ritorno ed una novità inattesa in casa Genoa, con un paio di movimenti di mercato che saranno ufficializzati Venerdì quando riapriranno ufficialmente le trattative invernali. Torna in rossoblù il difensore...
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    Cannavaro to Juventus soon

    This site says that Juventus and Realmadrid has nearest agreed a transfer for Cannavaro, The price is almost agreed, 1 million euro is the diffrence but is will be solved. Next week Cannavaro will come to traningcamp they say. (Open the other therad)...
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    Hello everyone...

    Maby you all havent seen me here on the forums so much.. I have read here som years now, but the last weeks i have been begin to post more and more... I just want to say that i love the forum, and that i see you all as brothers and sisters, for me Juventus is like a family and we will come...
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    Ivan Rakitic!!!

    Today the Gazzetta write that we have bought Ivan Rakitic for 2 Million euro. I googled him it said he was the new Lampard hehe. He is born 88 and plays for Basel, as you understand he is a middfielder, he has a choice to play for Sweich or Croatia or even Bosna. Anyone have seen him play...
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    Official: Balzaretti é juventino

    Gazzetta writes that we have signed toro player balzaretti. I havent seen him play is he good?
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    Hello i am a new member here. I live in Sweden and have been a Juvefan since 96. I have been i Torino 2 times the last one was this year, the game against Cagliari, it was the best memory of my life i meet Appiah and Ciro :eek:. My English is not so good but i hope you understand me :D. I...